Zoho Creator Tutorial Series

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Every organization has unique problems to solve, but one-size-fits-all software can't always do the job. Luckily, Zoho Creator lets anyone design applications that can reduce friction in their organization. We'll show you how. Learn How to Build Applications for Your Organization in Under Two Hours Build Zoho Creator Applications Collect information with online forms Design reports to find or analyze information Automate simple tasks like sending emails Learn the basics of Zoho Creator's scripting language We'll show you an application that would solve one of our instructor's real organizational problems. Then we'll reverse engineer it and show you how each part was made, so you can apply Zoho Creator's tools to your own organization. The idea for the application we'll build came from one of our instructors. He worked at a blood bank where it was extremely difficult to get time off. Employees had to request days off weeks in advance to have any hope of their manager approving them in time. If his organization had used the application we'll show you how to build, the manager would have been able to respond to vacation requests faster and the employees wouldn't have had to wait so long to find out if they could get time off.
  • Application Building Blocks and Navigating Zoho Creator
    • What We'll Build

      Taylor and Dylan introduce the application they'll be teaching you to build throughout the Zoho Creator tutorial series. Learn how the finished product works here, and then watch the rest to learn how we built it.

    • Building Forms

      Learn how to build forms. We'll show you how we built the form for employees to submit requests for time off.

    • Importing Spreadsheets

      Learn how to import data from spreadsheets into applications. We'll import a spreadsheet with all our employee contact info. Later, we'll show you how to connect this employee info to the vacation request form.

    • List Reports and Navigation

      Learn how to navigate between the live mode of your application and the building mode. We'll show you how to find information by searching and sorting through records.

    • Creating Relationships with Lookups

      Learn why relating data makes applications more powerful and how to do it. We'll connect two forms together so employees can choose their name from a drop-down while they're requesting time off.

    • Calendar Reports

      Learn how to display data on a calendar. We'll create a report that shows which days people have requested off.

    • Pivot Charts

      Learn the basics of building pivot charts. Pivot charts display data graphically (think bar charts, pie charts, line charts). We'll show you how to build a pie chart that breaks down how many days off each employee has taken.

    • Dashboards and Sections

      Learn how to combine reports and forms together on one page. We'll show you how to make a dashboard combining the pivot chart and calendar report we made earlier.

  • Automation, Scripting, and Sharing
    • Intro to Rules and Workflows

      Learn the basics of automation with rules and Deluge workflows. We'll create a field to track the status of each employee's request and show you two ways to hide it from users who don't need to see it.

    • Conditional Formatting

      Learn how to make reports easier to read by changing how records display depending on their conditions. We'll teach you how to make the calendar report more powerful by color coding each employee's request depending on its status.

    • Easy Email Notifications

      Learn how to send automated emails. You won't have to waste time writing form messages ever again! Using data entered in your application's fields, you'll learn how to make form messages that are contextual to the person receiving them. We'll show you how to send employees emails confirming that you received their requests for time off.

    • Advanced Email Notifications

      Learn the advanced way to send automated emails using Deluge script. You'll learn how to write a script that looks up data from a related form. We'll show you how to write separate emails that go out when requests are rejected or approved.

    • Validating Data

      Learn how to write scripts that verify people are entering accurate information. You'll learn how to make your application check how many days off each employee has already taken, and give them an error message if they try taking too many days off.

    • Custom Buttons

      Learn how to add buttons to your application that do whatever you want them to. We'll show you how to make approve and reject buttons to quickly respond to requests for time off

    • Sharing Applications

      Learn how to share applications with more users. We'll show you the basics of sharing and how to share with Developers so multiple people can work on building the same Creator app.

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