YouTube Podcast Marketing For Natural Health Practitioners

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Are you a Massage Therapist? Naturopath? Energy Worker? Healer? EFT Practitioner? Yoga Instructor? Acupuncturist? Reiki Master? Homeopathy Healer?

Do you wonder how you can leverage yourself to teach more people how they can live fuller, healthier lives?

Do you think: "If only more people knew what I do and how much other people have been helped by my practice..."?

Then this course is for you.

Tim Cooper and Scott Paton will lay out a proven plan for you to reach hundreds and thousands more prospects than you do today. It takes some work to start, like watching and participating in the course.

What you will discover is how to use what you do everyday to bring in a lot more prospects that are excited to be your client.

People communicate four ways by Watching, Listening, Being Face-to-Face and Reading. Face-to-Face is the most effective, but the highest time commitment. So when you are with a prospect, you want to be sure that person is "Hot" and very interested in what you have to share.

In this course, you will learn how to 

  • Make an effective plan to grow your business
  • Leverage YouTube, Facebook and Podcasts to educate and attract more prospects
  • Why a book may open many doors to new clients
  • Use other people's time to save your own valuable time
  • Easily create the content that you will use
  • Make your content once and repurpose it for viewers, listeners and readers
  • And much more!

Truly successful practitioners know that it is easier to grow their business when they are positioned as the 'Obvious Expert' in their area. 

This course starts you quickly on the path to becoming the obvious choice in your city.

Enroll today!

  • Introduction
    • Introduction

      Meet your instructors, Tim Cooper and Scott Paton. We welcome you to the course and give an overview of what you can expect here.

    • Become the Obvious Specialist in Your Market

      How do you position yourself differently from your competition? We talk about the easiest, most ignored ways in this lecture.

    • Saving Time

      Tim and Scott present a process which will dramatically decrease the time and effort you put into become the 'Go To' person in your local area.

    • The Fast Marketing Plan

      If you do not have a plan, you are planning to fail. Now Tim and Scott discuss your Fast Marketing Plan.

    • Practice, Practice, Practice

      What was it like the first time? We are betting that you are proficient in your field today because you practiced and persevered for many, many hours. This will be the same. You will be uncomfortable at first then get better and better.

    • Content Creation

      Now, discover some easy methods to create content ideas for your videos and Podcasts.

    • Questions

      One of the best ways to find topics for your videos and Podcasts is by making note of the questions you are asked and the questions you should be asked. If you ever run out of ideas don't panic! This lecture will show you how to quickly and easily tap into unlimited ideas.

    • Keywords

      What are keywords and why are they so important? Plus the number one keyword(s) all practitioners neglect.

  • The Process
    • YouTube Live Events

      How to set up your YouTube Live events and a secret shortcut that will save you hours!

    • The Importance of Closed Captions

      Discover two effective means of making Closed Captions for your videos.

    • Creating Closed Captions & Transcripts From Within YouTube

      Closed Captions are a decided advantage for communicating with your audience. Many times your audience is international in scope and they often have a hard time with accents. By using Closed Captions, you give then a second way to understand you... reading. Many people watch videos with Closed Captions on and audio off. Hard to do without CC.

    • YouTube Live To Facebook

      How to take your YouTube Live video and post it on Facebook.

    • Turning Video into Podcasts

      Scott and Tim demonstrate their favorite ways to extract audio from your videos.

    • Kindle Book

      Tim discusses the advantages of turning your videos into Kindle Books.

    • Outsource the Dull Tasks

      There are a lot of tasks that you have to do in your daily work. There are also a lot of tasks that you do that you do not have to do. Choosing to outsource those tasks will save you hours and hours every day that you can use to grow your business faster.

  • Wrap Up
    • Summary

      The final word!

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    • Help Your Fellow Students

      You can help your fellow students by leaving a Review of this course. The Review lets your fellow students make the decision to take the course or not. It helps them understand how your experiences in the course helped you become more charismatic, and then they can decide if they want to follow in your footsteps

    • [Bonus] How To Podcast

      Learn to Podcast easily.

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