Your First Day in Mudbox

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In this series of tutorials, we'll take you through your first day working in Mudbox. When learning a new software package, sometimes it's good to just jump in with both feet and create something. In this course we'll do just that as we create a little creature from base geometry to a finished, painted sculpt. We'll cover methods of working with geometry. We'll learn to shape and sculpt our mesh. We'll add high-frequency detail using layers, and talk about creating UVs. We'll also paint a texture for our creature, blending together multiple paint layers. We'll learn to use photographs to paint textures and learn to paint texture channels like specularity, gloss, and incandescence. This step-by-step tutorial is designed to be a quick look at Mudbox and allow you to get the feel of working on a whole project, without bogging down in the details of the interface or blasting you with every workflow possibility. Once you're done, we encourage you to go deeper with the Introduction to Mudbox, Sculpting Workflows, Painting Workflows, or any of our project-based courses.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Your First Day in Mudbox
    • Working with Geometry
    • Shaping the Creature
    • Sculpting the Creature
    • Adding High-frequency Skin Texture
    • Adding New Objects
    • Posing the Model
    • Working with Materials and Lights
    • Creating UVs
    • Painting a Color Texture
    • Blending Paint Layers
    • Painting with Photographs
    • Painting Texture Channels
    • Output Options
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