Your First Day in MODO

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When learning a new software package, sometimes it's good to just jump in with both feet and start to create something. In this tutorial we'll build a small insect-like mechanical surveillance drone.We'll cover the unique method of working with polygons and mesh items. We'll learn to shape and sculpt our mesh using falloffs, transforms, and MODO's powerful modeling tools. We'll also create some simple UVs and learn to work with materials and textures. This step-by-step training is designed to be a quick look at MODO and allow you to get the feel of working in the application, without bogging down in the details of the interface or blasting you with every workflow possibility. MODO is a terrific polygon modeler, so our focus will be mostly on modeling, although we'll throw in a little bit of materials and texturing as well. Software required: MODO 701.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Your First Day in MODO
    • Shaping the Drone's Body
    • Detailing the Body
    • Separating Geometry
    • Adding the Eye Area and Central Pipe
    • Building the Frame
    • Adding the Landing Struts
    • Modeling the Tail Section
    • Drawing out the Wing
    • Detailing the Wing
    • Adding Materials
    • Creating a Simple UV Layout
    • Adding a Honeycomb Texture to the Wings
    • Adding Environments and Lights
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