Your First Day in Flash

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In this series of tutorials, we'll spend some time getting to know our way around Flash. We'll start by getting familiar with the interface and modifying the placement of tools and palettes so we are comfortable with our workspace. We'll talk about regular and primitive shape tools and their different uses. We'll learn about the powerful painting tools in Flash that allow you various methods of control and styles to create artwork that best suits your project. We'll also learn about the different files we can import into Flash and how we can work with them once we have them on our stage. Next, we'll get into animation by learning about the timeline and different methods of tweening that will help us animate shapes and symbols. And finally, we'll take a look the filters and effects available in Flash, where we can apply them, and how we can create animations with them. Software required: Flash CC.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Your First Day in Flash
    • Setting up Your Workspace
    • The Selection and Transform Tools
    • Getting Familiar with Shape Tools
    • Using the Painting and Drawing Tools
    • Getting to Know the Paint Bucket, Ink Bottle and the Color Panels
    • Learning the Difference Between Groups, Symbols and Drawing Objects
    • Importing Artwork into Flash
    • Working with Illustrator Files
    • Getting Familiar with the Timeline
    • Creating Basic Animations
    • Creating Complex Animations
    • Using Filters and Effects
    • Creating a Scene for Our Animation
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