WordPress Custom Theme Development

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Many designers and developers rely on Child Themes for WordPress websites. While this makes it quicker to get started, you are constrained to the features and flexibility of the theme you choose, which often involves hacking the theme to force it to look and behave how you want. In this course, WordPress Custom Theme Development, you will learn how to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch, freeing you to implement your website exactly how you want, with the power of WordPress. First, you'll all about creating your theme prototype, as well as installing and setting up WordPress. Next, you'll learn about creating your theme structure and development of your theme. Finally, you'll what you need to do to go beyond your theme, including learning about helpful plugins and how to protect your site after you launch. After this course you will have a solid understanding of WordPress’s template structure, files, and have the knowledge in place for creating your own WordPress themes from the ground up.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Creating a Theme Prototype
    • Introduction
    • Project Overview and Design Approach
    • Planning and Starting a Prototype
    • Prototype Overview
  • Theme Structure
    • Introduction
    • Understanding Template Files
    • Template Files Overview
    • Template Hierarchy
  • Theme Development
    • Introduction
    • Development Setup
    • Setting up a New Theme
    • Finishing Theme Setup
    • Creating an Index.php Template
    • Creating the Home Page
    • Adding a Header and Footer Template
    • Adding Menus
    • Functions.php and WordPress Hooks
    • Creating the Header and Footer Navigation
    • Creating Page Templates
    • Global Page Templates
    • Registering Widget Areas
    • Creating a Dynamic Sidebar Template
    • Finishing Up
  • Beyond Your Theme
    • Introduction
    • Plugins
    • WordPress Security
    • Summary and Conclusion
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