Windows Server 2012 R2 (70-410) Manage Group Policy

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In this course, you'll learn how to manage starter GPOs, configure a central store, GPO links, Multiple Local Group Policies, local users and groups, user rights assignment, security options settings, audit policy, User Account Control (UAC), security templates, software restriction policies, and AppLocker rules. In addition you will also learn how to configure rule enforcement, rules for multiple profiles using Group Policy, Windows Firewall to allow or deny applications, scopes, ports, users, and import and export settings. Finally you will learn to configure connection security rules, and configure authenticated firewall exceptions.
  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Configure Group Policy Objects
    • Introduction
    • GPO Foundations: Templates and Containers
    • GPO Foundations: Components
    • GPO Foundations: Precedence
    • Configure a Central Store
    • Manage Starter GPOs
    • Configure GPO Links
    • Configure Multiple Local Group Policies
    • What This Module Covered
  • Configure Security Policies
    • Introduction
    • Use Case: Security Requirements
    • Configure Local Users and Groups
    • Configure User Rights Assignment
    • Configure Security Options Settings
    • Configure Audit Policy
    • Configure User Account Control (UAC)
    • Configure Security Templates
    • What This Module Covered
  • Configure Application Restriction Policies
    • Introduction
    • Blacklisting vs. Whitelisting
    • Software Restriction Policies vs. AppLocker
    • Configure Software Restriction Policies
    • Configure AppLocker Policies
    • Automatically Generate AppLocker Rules
    • Deploy AppLocker
    • What This Module Covered
  • Configure Windows Firewall
    • Introduction
    • Firewall Foundations
    • Configure Multiple Profiles Using Group Policy
    • Configure Windows Firewall Allow and Deny Rules
    • Import and Export Settings
    • Configure Connection Security Rules
    • Configure Authenticated Firewall Exceptions
    • What This Module Covered
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