Windows Server 2012 R2 (70-410) Administer Active Directory

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In this course, you'll learn how to add or remove a domain controller from a domain, install a domain controller from install from media (IFM), install Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) on Server Core, upgrade a domain controller, resolve DNS SRV record registration issues, configure a global catalog server, deploy Active Directory IaaS in Microsoft Azure, create, copy, configure, and delete users and computers, configure templates, configure user rights, automate the creation of Active Directory accounts, manage inactive and disabled accounts, perform bulk Active Directory operations, offline domain join, create, copy, configure, and delete groups and OUs, configure group nesting, enumerate group membership, convert groups, including security, distribution, universal, domain local, and domain global, manage group membership using Group Policy, delegate the creation and management of Active Directory objects, and manage default Active Directory containers. This is one of Pluralsight's all-new courses covering the revised 70-410 exam.
  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Install Domain Controllers
    • Introduction
    • AD Foundations: Domains
    • AD Foundations: Forests
    • AD Foundations: Sites
    • AD Foundations: Domain Controllers
    • AD Foundations: Global Catalogs
    • AD Foundations: Organizational Units
    • AD Foundations: FSMO Roles
    • Add a Domain Controller to a Domain
    • Remove a Domain Controller from a Domain
    • Install a Domain Controller from Install from Media
    • Install Active Directory Domain Services on Server Core
    • Upgrade a Domain Controller
    • Resolve DNS SRV Record Registration Issues
    • Configure a Global Catalog Server
    • Deploy Active Directory IaaS in Microsoft Azure
    • What This Module Covered
  • Create and Manage AD Users and Computers
    • Introduction
    • Create, Copy, Configure, and Delete Users and Computers
    • Configure Templates
    • Configure User Rights
    • Automate the Creation of Active Directory Accounts
    • Manage Inactive and Disabled Accounts
    • Perform Bulk Active Directory Operations
    • Offline Domain Join
    • What This Module Covered
  • Create and Manage AD Groups and Organizational Units
    • Introduction
    • AD Foundations: Group Types and Scopes
    • Create, Copy, Configure, and Delete Groups and OUs
    • Configure Group Nesting
    • Enumerate Group Membership
    • Convert Groups
    • Manage Group Membership Using Group Policy
    • Delegate the Creation and Management of Active Directory Objects
    • Manage Default Active Directory Containers
    • What This Module Covered
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