Windows 10 Configuring (70-697): Plan Desktop & Device Deployment

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This course explores the operating system imaging and deployment tools to deploy Windows 10 consistently and robustly. We discuss the WADK, MDT, and SCCM tools. We also explain how to migrate and manage user profile information during and after a Windows 10 deployment. We explore newer deployment technologies such as Hyper-V and Windows To Go. This course covers one of the main objective areas in the 70-697 certification exam and is the first in a series of nine courses to completely prepare for that exam.
  • Overview of Windows 10 Enterprise
    • Course Introduction
    • Primary New Features of Windows 10
    • User Interface Changes
    • Windows 10 Editions and Their Differences
    • Cloud Integration
    • Mobile Device Scenarios
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Building Images for Deploying Windows 10 Enterprise
    • Upgrade and Migration Paths
    • Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit
    • Creating Boot Images
    • Creating Install Images
    • Installation and Configuration Designer
  • Installing and Deploying Windows 10 with Enterprise Tools
    • Deployment Scenarios and the MDT 2013
    • Creating a Reference Computer with MDT
    • New and Upgrade Installs with MDT
    • PowerShell Commands for Deployment
    • Deployment with SCCM
  • User State and User State Migration
    • Migrating Users with the User State Migration Tool
    • Creating Roaming and Mandatory User Profiles
    • Configuring Folder Redirection
    • Standardizing the Start Screen
  • Deploying Windows 10 Enterprise Virtual Machines
    • Installing Client Hyper-V
    • Creating a Virtual Machine
    • Creating a Virtual Switch
    • Optimizing VM Resources
  • Configuring Windows To Go and BitLocker
    • Windows To Go Scenarios
    • Building and Deploying Windows To Go
    • BitLocker Full Volume Encryption
    • BitLocker Recovery and Management
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