Webpack Fundamentals

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Front end web development is getting more and more complex: more moving pieces are being introduced every day. The days of doing front end web development without a build are drawing to a close. Of all the front end build tools, Webpack is one of the most interesting and is gaining popularity. This course will cover all the ins and outs of Webpack, how to use it for your own purposes, and how to customize it to fit your exact needs.

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Course Prerequisites
    • Course Repository
    • The Need for a Build
    • Other Solutions
    • The Webpack Solution
    • Module Systems
    • Summary
  • Basic Builds with Webpack
    • Introduction
    • CLI Basics
    • Adding a Config File
    • Watch Mode and the Webpack Dev Server
    • Building Multiple Files
    • Using Loaders
    • Using Preloaders
    • Creating a Start Script
    • Production vs. Dev Builds
    • Summary
  • Advanced Builds with Webpack
    • Introduction
    • Organizing Files and Folders
    • Working with ES6 Modules
    • Adding Source Maps
    • Creating Multiple Bundles
    • Summary
  • Adding CSS to Your Build
    • Introduction
    • CSS and Style Loaders
    • Internal Implementation of CSS and Style Loaders
    • Using SCSS and SASS
    • Using LESS
    • Creating a Separate CSS Bundle
    • Auto Prefixer
    • Summary
  • Adding Images & Fonts to Your Build
    • Introduction
    • Adding Images to a Build
    • Adding Fonts to a Build
    • Summary
  • Webpack Tools
    • Introduction
    • Using the Connect Middleware
    • Demo: Using the Connect Middleware
    • Creating a Custom Loader
    • Using Plugins
    • Summary
  • Webpack and Front End Frameworks
    • Introduction
    • Webpack React Build
    • Starting an Angular Build with Webpack
    • Adding Objects to Your Angular Build
    • Improving the Organization of Your Angular Build
    • Adding Templates to Your Angular Build
    • Summary
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atieh mokhtari
atieh mokhtari

this was really useful for me to solve my chlenges with webpack. a good tutorial for web developers

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