Web Hosting Set Up and WordPress Installation For Beginners

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In this introductory mini course, we walk you through the steps of (1) signing up for a basic web hosting plan through HostGator, which is required for running WordPress, and (2) installing WordPress itself. As an added bonus, I show you how to get your first month of hosting at HostGator for a penny and a 45 day guarantee. I occasionally get small businesses and individuals who approach me and tell me they want a website, and they want to build it themselves so they can save some money and learn the process. They don't completely understand web hosting, but they know it's something they need to have, and they ask me how to get started. How to sign up. They've usually heard about how awesome WordPress is, but are intimidated at the thought of installing it. That's who this course is intended to help. Who is the target audience? For those without a web hosting plan. For individuals and small businesses starting from scratch, who need help getting their Wordpress site installed.
  • Introductions!
    • Is This the Course for You?

      First, we talk about if this is the correct course for you. If you need help signing up for Web Hosting and installing Wordpress, then you're in the right place!

    • Web Hosting and WordPress Explained

      In this short video, we discuss what Web Hosting and Wordpress are. It's important you understand what you're signing up for and installing before you go through the steps!

  • Web Hosting
    • Get Web Hosting for a Penny (Coupon Included)

      In this quick video, we walk through the steps of signing up for HostGator.com. I also show you how to get your first month of hosting with them for a penny (and with a 45 day guarantee on that penny).

  • Installing Wordpress
    • Wordpress "QuickInstall"

      In this tutorial, we walk through the steps of installing Wordpress.

    • Logging Into WordPress

      In this quick video, I show you how to access your Wordpress dashboard through the log in screen.

  • Getting Started with WordPress
    • Creating Your First Post

      In this tutorial, I show you how to create a new post for your Wordpress site.

    • Creating Your First Page

      In this tutorial, I show you how to create a new page for your Wordpress site.

    • Configuring Your Home Page

      Now that we have created a post and a page, I show you how to set the front (aka home page) of your website to a static page (as opposed to a post).

    • Plugins and Themes

      In this video, I show you the basics of selecting a new free theme for your website, as well as browsing the many free plugins available to you.

    • The Next Step

      Congrats on finishing the course! I will now point you to a great resource that will help you further customize your Wordpress website.

    • Free Website Icon Pack
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