Visual Aesthetics for Elearning

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Good design can lend value to an elearning project by boosting the impact of the content, and making it easier for viewers to interact with the piece and retain information. In this course, Anastasia McCune briefly introduces the principles and elements of visual design that are most relevant to elearning, showing practical examples along the way. She offers ideas for improving not only the process of designing the visual aspect of an elearning piece, but also ideas on what you could do today to improve the visual appeal of individual screens. For example, bullet points are simple and straightforward, but can quickly become tedious during a long training. She offers a variety of visual treatments that provide the same information in a more appealing manner. In addition to explaining how to break away from bullet points, Anastasia shares a number of easy-to-implement techniques that help grab the viewer, keep the eye moving, and keep interest up. Topics include: Why you should pay attention to aesthetics Power design principles for elearning Contrast, repetition, alignment, unity, and simplicity Selecting colors and a typeface Working with type technically White space Tips and tricks you can use today Using grids, style guides, and templates
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