Virtual Reality: A Quick Introduction

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Confused about all this talk about Virtual Reality? So many different names, so many different initials: VR, AR, MR, DR, 360, 3D, Holograms, Volumetric, Stereoscopic, Virtual Worlds & Virtual Environments. It’s enough to make your head spin. Aren’t they all just GAMES anyway? (Turns out they’re not!) This course will get you up to speed on all things Virtual. We’ll answer these questions and more: What exactly is Virtual Reality? What are people doing in there, anyway? Why all the hype? What’s at heart of it all? What do you need to view it? What’s the difference between VR, AR, MR, 360, Holographics and more? Is it safe? What’s coming next? Description: Along with clear explanations, we take you in-world and let you see examples for yourself. This course covers a wide range of Virtual Environments with a focus on the bare minimum you need to know so you’ll be ready for the next big high-tech wave. Plus we’ve attached free resources with links to all things VR. There’s about to be a revolution! And it’s a Virtual one at that! Come take the plunge into a new world! What are the requirements? An internet connection and a little curiosity. What am I going to get from this course? By the end of this course... You will have a broad understanding of what Virtual Reality is all about. And a deeper understanding of the different types of Virtual Environments. You’ll understand the latest news and be able to carry on a conversation about the industry. You’ll sound cool and be in-the-know! What is the target audience: Anyone curious about Virtual Reality Anyone who wants a broad overview of the industry Anyone who needs a deeper understanding of the differences between types of VR Developers & Gamers who want to know what else they can do with VR
  • Virtual Reality: A Quick Introduction
    • A Short Introduction

      Quick overview of the entire course

    • What is Virtual Reality?

      Understand what people mean when they say VR

    • What are people doing in there?

      Find out what people are doing with Virtual Reality.

    • What's all this Hype about?

      Learn why VR is finally coming of age.

    • What's at the Heart of it all?

      Learn why we love it so much.

  • How Virtual Reality Works
    • It's all in the Hardware

      Hardware developers rule!

    • It's all in the Software

      Software developers rule!

  • Different Types of Virtual Enviornments
    • True Virtual Reality

      Examples of macro & micro VR

    • Augmented Reality

      AR explained

    • Holographic & Volumetric

      Let's take a closer look at what we call "Holograms"

    • 360 Video

      Examples of 360 Videos

    • Games

      Examples of VR Games

    • Mixed Realities

      Example of a Mixed Reality

  • What's on the Horizon?
    • What to Watch For

      Think this is cool? Learn what's just around the corner for VR.

    • What to Watch-Out for

      Learn what can happen in a more virtual world.

  • Conclusion
    • Recap and Review

      Here's what we learned!

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