Using Medical Marijuana for chronic pain relief

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This course explains how we use medical marijuana to help us control chronic pain, aids in sleep and decreases anxiety, I have completely stopped taking all of the drugs that made me feel out of sync with the world. It is taught in a series of talking head videos, explaining various aspects of medial marijuana uses. You should consider taking this course if your in chronic pain and are looking for reasonable alternatives for pharmaceutical drug management. There are 11 videos and 2 documents that should give you enough information to be able to talk to your Doctor about using medical marijuana for yourself.
  • Why a training program for using medical marijuana?
    • What will you learn in this course? Use medical marijuana for chronic pain

      In this video, you will learn some myths surrounding the use of medical marijuana, and how my personal journey of over 6 years brought me together with my pain specialist, and the suggestions that he had for using medical marijuana.

    • Introductory: Using Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Relief
    • People in pain are often frustrated about their pain control. We explain why?

      If no one shows up with the personal experience, passion and compassion, other people who aren't educated in the subject matter can negatively influence you, and your opinion. Training is the use of this powerful drug is critical for understanding exactly what it can do in your life.

    • Ricks lists the pharmaceuticals he used to take. Between 510 and 600 per month

      Between 510 to 600 pills per month for chronic pain control. That's what I used to take, and now I am off every single pharmaceutical for pain, and my concentration has come back, creativity is back, vitality is through the roof, and I sleep like a baby. When I used pharmaceuticals, it was like continually walking in a fog.

    • How much should you start with? Pat and I tell you how much we take and why?

      This is a very important video. You MUST work with a medical marijuana specialist, and or your Doctor to determine the amount of the drug you should start with. In order for you to properly introduce the drug into your chronic pain regime, you need to start out small and slowly work up until you find that perfect balance between pain control and euphoria.

    • How soon can you work with your Dr. and begin decreasing your pain meds?

      This video and its content will guide you through just how important it is to closely work with your Doctor to tell him or her exactly what your doing with your medical marijuana, and how to safely decrease your present pain plan.

    • How much do we pay for medical marijuana? Surprisingly, its very reasonable

      Medical marijuana is very reasonable, and we find incredible pain relief for just $160.00 per person per month. Consider some countries where just the extended medical bill can be as high as $600.00 per person per month. If you have 2 people in your family that needs medical marijuana, that can be a substantial savings if your not spending your money on pharmaceuticles.

    • Please Don't Smoke Medical Marijuana HB
    • What will people think of me taking medical marijuana?

      We personally know people (older folks) who have their own children using medical marijuana for themselves, but they somehow think that this marvelous medicine would somehow completely ruin their health, even though they suffer horribly from arthritis, and possibly the onset of dementia. There are many studies on the internet that claim medical marijuana can dramatically slow down the affects of certain degenerative diseases. People who do not understand the power of medical marijuana will usually not support you. You may need to educate them, and do some research on your own. This video should help you determine if other peoples opinions are more important than your own health and well-being.

    • Vaporizers: We show you the machine Rick uses in the evening to ensure sleep

      Vaporizing in absolutely incredible. It works extremely quickly, and all you get out of the machine is vapor, much like a 'hookah pipe'.

    • How does 'Medical Marijuana Work?

      Here are some examples of work done by professionals that explain how medical marijuana works.

    • What they told me in the hospital (What a nurse told me)
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