Use Wordpress and Ultimatum - Create Working ECommerce Sites

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"For some time now I've wanted to create an online store but I've been told its difficult; it takes time and is expensive" Does this sound familiar??? What are the reviews saying: "I have tried several times for starting e-commerce since I recognized big potential in E-business.. But I couldn't because It's not easy to build this e-commerce platform. However through this course, I found easy and simple starting point. Though It will be needed to buy license and takes time to build a site. I'm sure this course will give you great opportunities to start your own business. Thank you Sean..." The One thing I wanted to give you is a laymen's type course; a course that you can follow step by step; a course that at the beginning you have the same starting point of nothing and at the end you have a functioning ecommerce website - something you just need to add products and images to. This is the idea of what this course is; and what it gives you. It doesn't take time, its not difficult and it certainly isn't expensive. You don't even need stock as you can create an affiliate store.. So, I decided to take all the know how I had and played around until I found out you could create a eCommerce Website in less than 1 hour. Yes! Less that 1 hour and I wrote it down and created this course so that you could create your online shop in less than 1 hour . In this course your going to learn : How to start from nothing and finish with a working ecommerce website How to use Wordpress, Ultimatum and WooCommerce and create your own online shop Learn how to create your own theme and not change someone else You'll learn how to add products, create coupons, setup postage costs, etc Learn how you can be using a webpage to sell affiliate products ... and much more One more thing I wanted to do with this course.. Many many many Wordpress and WooCommerce sites out there use the odd free theme or some particular premium themes. What I didn't want to do was create another course where you use that theme and your shop looks like everyone else shop that uses that theme . Using Ultimatum you start from a blank slate and your create Your Theme and Your Shops Look. You eCommerce site won't look like everyone else, won't get lost in the clutter and will be unique . So, do you want to have your own ecommerce site. Do you want to have your own theme on that site? Then why not take a look at this course today and be selling .. well today.. 9th March 2015 - I've been adding new content to shows you how to use more of the functionality in WooCommerce and also enhance your store to make it the best store it can be 11th March 2015 - I've just started a new section on best practices for your shop. The first video I have added is about social media sharing of your shop products and how this is vital to move your shop forward 15th March 2015 - Stock management in WooCommerce is a great thing; i've just uploaded a new lecture showing how you do this; and exactly how easy it is Who is the target audience? Anyone looking to create an ecommerce site Anyone looking to create an affiliate ecommerce site Anyone looking to build a website with Wordpress and Ultimatum Anyone looking to use Woocommerce
  • Introduction To The Course
    • Introduction To The Software We Use

      Just a quick overview of the software we are going to use in this course

  • Installing
    • Install Ultimatum
    • Install Plugins
    • Install WooCommerce and Connect
  • Start Creating The Website
    • Define the Sidebars

      In this lecture we show how to define the sidebars

    • Define the Menu
    • Setup Permalinks
    • Create the Shop Template
    • Create the Header and Footer

      How to add partial layouts for header and footer

    • Create the Shop Layouts
    • Full and Partial Layouts
    • Create Blog and Static Page Layouts
    • Adding Sidebars
    • Tidy Up The Menu

      Tidying up the menu a little

    • Woocommerce Settings

      Lets look at some of WooCommerce settings

    • Add Some Products

      How to add products to our shop

    • Add a Contact Us Page

      Add a contact page to allow customers to contact us without giving out an email address

  • Post Shop Creation
    • Start to Tweak the Website
    • Start working with CSS
    • How to change CSS for All the Website
    • Some SEO Ideas
  • Beyond The Hour
    • What's Next
  • WooCommerce Configuration
    • WooCommerce - Whats Next
    • WooCommerce Coupons
    • WooCommerce Payments
    • WooCommerce Shipping
    • Terms and Conditions Page

      How to add a terms and conditions page to your ecommerce store

    • Custom Paypal Pages

      How to add a custom Paypal page to your site

    • WooCommerce Stock Management

      How to manage your stock numbers in WooCommerce

    • WooCommerce Reports
  • Some Best Practices For Your Shop
    • Social Media Sharing Of Your Products

      Adding the ability for people to share your products is free advertising. Social media is todays public relations so adding some share buttons is vital for your shop to get noticed.

  • Conclusion
  • Thank You For Watching
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