Three Dimensional Geometry

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Vector algebra is used to study three dimensional geometry. The previous chapter on vectors has initiated the study of this branch of mathematics.This chapter hence will take the discussion forward.The cartesian system will be now broadened in scope to understand the three coordinates.This video will help students of class 12.

  • Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Line Passing Through 1 Point
  • Line Passing Through 2 Point
  • Problems on Vector & Cartesian Form
  • Miscellaneous Problem 3D Geometry
  • Intersection of 2 Lines
  • Definitions
  • Shortest Distance
  • Plane
  • Coplanarity
  • Intercept Form
  • Plane Through 1 Point & Normal to Vector
  • Equation of Plane in Normal Form
  • Angle Between Two Planes
  • Distance of Point From Plane
  • Distance Between Parallel Lines
  • Angle Between Line and Plane
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