The Vertigo Treatment: Simple Steps To Recover From Vertigo

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Looking for a clear and simple guide on how to recover from vertigo? Then look no further, as you will learn everything you need to know here! Why should you take this course? This is the only course you will find online which is simple to follow and that will guide you every step of the way on how you can recover from vertigo. No matter what stage your vertigo is at, it will provide you with the necessary steps to overcome it. Having suffered from vertigo for more than 3 years and knowing exactly what it's like to be diagnosed with this condition, you will be learning from a certified personal and vestibular trainer, applied movement neurology practitioner, VEDA ambassador and someone who has invested more than 27,000 hours towards crafting a simple, step by step solution that you can use at any point of the day, allowing you to recover from vertigo. The Vertigo Treatment course isn't just limited to overcoming vertigo. Other vertigo related symptoms such as a lack of balance, migraines and sensory overload will also be improved and removed following the lessons provided within this course. Guarantee: You will be equipped with all the necessary lessons, techniques, exercises and drills that will allow you to improve your health, wellbeing and overcome vertigo. In this course you will learn: How to stop experiencing the sensation of vertigo or dizziness. All the essential exercises, drills and techniques that you can use for your vertigo, and most importantly, how to perform them correctly. Causes behind vertigo that not even your doctor may be aware of. Everything about the 3 main sensory systems and why deficits in these areas can lead to vertigo and other related symptoms. Why the vestibular blueprint is absolutely necessary for overcoming vertigo, dizziness and vestibular disorders. Various balance tests to assess your condition and see how well you're progressing. How to free your body from tension and stress, allowing you to relax and calm your nervous system. How to enhance balance, vision and proprioception - A MUST for smooth, coordinated and vertigo-free movement. And much, much more! The No Risk Guarantee If for whatever reason you feel like The Vertigo Treatment course isn't right for you, there is a 30 day no risk guarantee. Teaching others is imperative to me, and if you feel like you aren't getting enough value from this course, then you can get a refund within the 30 day period. Enroll Now & Take Action Join now and make the commitment of going through this course, I am certain that you're going to love it! I look forward to seeing you inside the course and remember to check out the preview lessons to get a sneak peek of the course. Keep on propelling forward! Bobby
  • Introduction
    • Disclaimer

      1.) IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please watch before going through The Vertigo Treatment course.

    • Welcome To The Vertigo Treatment Course

      1.) A brief introduction to The Vertigo Treatment course. 2.) Step by step course which guides students on how to overcome vertigo. 3.) Implements simple 4 step plan to ensure maximum understanding of the course. 4.) Learn and understand why you may be suffering from vertigo and what you can do about it. 5.) Full Commitment required!

    • Cure Vertigo Now Support Group

      1.) Join our friendly support group. 2.) Ask any questions that come to mind. 3.) Network and create bonds with others. 3.) Gain access to even more content and material for getting rid of vertigo.

    • How To Make The Most Out Of This Course

      1.) MUST WATCH tips that will help you to get the most out of this course. 2.) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU WATCH!

    • Overview

      1.) Overview of the first section of the course. 2.) Step 1 - What is vertigo? 3.) Step 2 - Understanding balance and how it works.

    • What Is Vertigo?

      1.) Gaining an understanding of what vertigo is. 2.) Taking a look at the 2 major divisions for vertigo. 3.) Going into depth with some of the vestibular disorders which can cause vertigo.

    • Everything You Need To Know About Balance

      1.) All you need to know about balance and how it interlinks with vertigo.

    • Action Step

      1.) 2 BIG questions for you to think about.

  • Understanding The 3 Sensory Systems
    • Overview

      1.) A first look at the 3 main sensory systems. 2.) Step 1 - The visual system. 3.) Step 2 - The vestibular system. 4.) Step 3 - The proprioceptive system.

    • The Visual System

      1.) Understanding vision. 2.) The 4 components that are essential for optimal vision. 3.) How poor vision can cause vertigo.

    • The Vestibular System

      1.) Taking a look at the vestibular system and understanding how it operates and functions. 2.) An insight of various vestibular disorders. 3.) Knowing the science behind the vestibular system.

    • The Proprioceptive System

      1.) An important lesson on the last major sensory system. 2.) Understanding why one can feel "zoned out" and knowing what to do about it. 3.) How to improve coordination and gain smooth body movements

    • Action Step

      1.) Going over everything we learnt about the 3 sensory systems.

  • Getting Started
    • Overview

      1.) Step 1 - Health & Safety. 2.) Step 2 - Daily Progress Journal.

    • Health & Safety #1

      1.) Part 1 of important health & safety information.

    • Health & Safety #2

      1.) Part 2 of important health & safety information.

    • Daily Progress Journal

      1.) Keeping track of your results with your daily progress journal. 2.) How to effectively use your daily progress journal.

    • Action Step

      1.) Time to go over everything you've learnt for this section!

  • Balance Tests
    • Overview

      1.) An overview of the various balance tests that you can use to help with getting rid of vertigo.

    • Balance Test #1 - Sitting

      1.) You're very first balance test! 2.) How to assess your balance whilst seated.

    • Balance Test #2 - Standing Normally

      1.) Knowing how to assess your balance whilst standing normally.

    • Balance Test #3 - Feet Together

      1.) Assessing your balance with feet together. 2.) Knowing what signs to look for whilst balancing with feet together.

    • Breakpoint Exercise: Abdominal Breathing

      1.) A relaxation exercise for getting rid of any tension or stress built up within the body. 2.) How to correctly perform abdominal breathing.

    • Action Step

      1.) Looking at balance tests and how you can use them to gain better results when performing the main exercises and drills.

  • The Exercises & Drills
    • Overview

      1.) Going over the different exercises and drills within this section.

    • Distant Gaze Stabilization

      1.) Taking a first look at one of the main drills. 2.) A guided video tutorial on how to perform the distant gaze stabilization exercise..

    • Close Range Gaze Stabilization

      1.) How to correctly perform the close range gaze stabilization exercise.

    • Joint Gaze stabilization

      1.) An upgraded edition of the previous exercise. 2.) Learning how to connect 2 directions and performing an extended variation of the close range gaze stabilization exercise, resulting in the joint gaze stabilization exercise.

    • Combined Gaze Stabilization

      1.) A more challenging exercise, working the vestibular and visual systems in sync with each other.

    • Rapid Gaze

      1.) A fast paced exercise, which requires steady eye focus and precision.

    • Opposing Gaze

      1.) An advanced vestibular exercise which should only be performed once you are familiar with the previous exercises. 2.) Challenges the eyes and head, moving in opposing directions.

    • Body Swaying

      1.) Full body swaying and movements which focus on integrating all 3 sensory systems. 2.) Important - ensures all 3 sensory systems are working smoothly with each other.

    • Walking With Head Movements - Standard Gaze

      1.) A challenging exercise which should only be performed once you're comfortable with the previous exercises. 2.) Combines head movements with walking. 3.) Perform in a safe environment.

    • Walking With Head Movements - Combined Gaze

      1.) The most advanced exercise within the course. 2.) Combines walking with merged head and eyes movements. 3.) Only to be performed after progressing through the previous exercises. 4.) Perform with care and in a safe environment.

    • Action Step

      1.) Going over what to look out for when performing the main exercises and drills. 2.) Additional tips for getting the most out of the exercises and drills.

  • Conclusion
    • Final Action Step

      1.) Wrapping up everything you've learnt for the final action step!

  • Bonus Exercises
    • Free Vertigo Treatment Session

      1.) A very special BONUS. 2.) Your chance to find out how you can get to work with me exclusively for FREE!

    • Alternate Nostril Breathing

      1.) An exercise that you can use to remove tension, stress and calm the nervous system. 2.) Balances both hemispheres of the brain. 3.) Relaxation exercise.

    • How To Get Rid Of Tension Headaches And Rebalance The Eyes

      1.) Simple method for removing tension headaches. 2.) Increase blood flow to the face and enhance relaxation of the body. 3.) Improve vision and rebalance the eyes.

    • Neck Stretches To Remove Pain & Tension

      1.) Several neck stretches that you can use to remove tension and pain. 2.) Weird effects that can occur after stretching. 3.) Mastering the correct way to stretch.

    • Using A Stand Up Desk For Vertigo & Balance

      1.) Why stand up desks are awesome for vertigo and balance. 2.) How to boost your health by standing more. 3.) Learning how to use a stand up desk.

    • Home Remedies For Dizziness #1

      1.) Your #1 reference guide for dealing with dizziness. 2.) Several natural remedies that you can use for overcoming dizzy sensations.

    • Home Remedies For Dizziness #2

      1.) More home remedies that you can use for overcoming dizziness.

    • Tha 10 Lap Dizzy Dash

      1.) Dizzy Dash 2017. 2.) A special VEDA event that you can be apart of. 3.) Dedicated to helping spread awareness of vestibular disorder, vertigo and dizziness.

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