The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping Facebook Ads Course

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This course covers everything you need to know about Shopify! We will cover how to pick the right niche for you, because it's better to focus and narrow down instead of trying to open another "eBay" and compete in every product. Next we'll research the most profitable products that will sell in your store like hot cakes, our unique approach sets you right to the path of profitability because we find products that have already had a proven track record of selling. After that we'll set up the store, in this course you'll learn everything you need to know about Shopify store setup, creating the navigation on the store and changing the look and feel to the best converting way. The next part is actually the most important one, and it's the Facebook Ads part, it could be a whole course dealing with FB ads and optimizing, so we have got a lot of content on how to market your products and reach the right audience that will buy it. We'll also talk about Ad copy and how to create your ads for maximizing converstions! Next we'll get into the "More Profits" part of the course, which basically means how to grow your business and take it to the next level. And the last part? Automation, we'll talk about everything you need to do in order to Automate your store. With years of experience online I'm sure this course will help you like it helped my other students which I've personally coached before. Who is the target audience? Take This Course If You Are New To The eCommerce World Take This Course If You Are Ready To Start Your Own Online Shop
  • Preparing For Success
    • Course Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Choose Your Store
  • Picking Your Niche
    • Section 2 Intro
    • Understanding Dropshipping
    • Discovering Your Niche - Part 1

      Watchcount Facebook Interests Wikipedia List Of Hobbies

    • Discovering Your Niche - Part 2

      Competition Analysis

    • Facebook Audience Insights
    • Researching Products - Part 1
    • Researching Products - Part 2
  • Shopify Setup
    • Section 3 Intro
    • Shopify Setup

      Click Here To Sign up to Shopify

    • Shopify Theme
    • Shopify Shipping - Part 1
    • Shopify Shipping - Part 2
    • Payments And Checkout
    • Adding Products - Part 1
    • Adding Products - Part 2
    • Shopify Navigation - Part 1
    • Shopify Navigation - Part 2
    • Unlocking Your Store
  • Facebook Ads
    • Section 4 Intro
    • Facebook Business Manager

      Facebook Business Manager

    • Facebook Fan Pages - Part 1

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    • Facebook Fan Pages - Part 2
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Facebook Ad That Works - Part 1
    • Facebook Ad That Works - Part 2
    • Facebook Targeting
    • Facebook Ad Types - Part 1
    • Facebook Ad Types - Part 2
    • Creating Page Post Ads
    • Split Test
    • Scaling The Winners
    • Retargeting Ads
    • Look A Like Audiences
  • Generating More Profits
    • Section 5 Intro
    • Expending Your Product Line
    • Upsells
    • Cart Abandonment Recovery
    • Product Reviews
    • Email Marketing
  • Automation
    • Section 6 Intro
    • Order Status
    • Customer Support
    • Hiring Social Media Manager
    • Hiring Customer Support
    • Hiring FB Ads Campaign Manager
  • Mindset
    • Success Mindset - Part 1
    • Success Mindset - Part 2
    • 80 20 Rule
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