The Self Care Guide for Women

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How much stress are you under? Most women are suffering from chronic stress but don't even realize or acknowledge it. Saying you are "crazy busy" is often treated like a badge of honor. However, all this craziness and busyness is taking a toll on your health. In this course you will learn what is slowing sneaking up on your and your well-being. There are dangers on the horizon if you keep living the way you are. The good news is that there are simple ways to combat stress and the negative effects on your body. You will learn about self-care and how you can start right away in building your own self-care routines. As Tony Robbins is known to say - never leave the site of learning without taking action. You are encouraged to take action as soon as you complete this course. You can start to feel better just 30 minutes from now. The course is complimentary so what do you have to lose besides a little stress? Click the Enroll Now button and let's get to feeling better!
  • Welcome to a life with a whole lot less stress.
    • Introduction

      Self-care is so critical to your health and your well-being. In this lecture I will introduce you to a way of thinking about self-care that will help you make the time for taking care of you in the future.

  • The Dark Side of Self Neglect
    • What exactly is self-care

      Does self-care involve chanting, shaving my head or climbing to the top of a sacred mountain? What exactly is self-care and do I want anything to do with it.

    • Is this you?

      Listen to the symptoms of self-neglect and see how many you are suffering from. I bet you weren't even aware of how you were feeling.

    • Did you know...

      A side effects of a lack of self-care are very sneaky. Don't let them catch you by surprise.

    • Is this your future?

      What does a life of self-neglect lead to? Find out in this lecture and commit to not letting your life lead in this direction.

  • Let the Sun Shine!
    • Wow - this is what is possible when you take care of yourself.

      Now this is more like it. Learn how self-care can improve your life starting today.

    • Let's get to work now and begin a self-care practice

      Here are just a few suggestions of practices you can start today so that you can feel better, reduce stress and start living a happy life.

  • Bonus
    • The Self-Care Playlist

      Music has such a great power. It's effect on our moods is amazing. In this lecture get my feel good playlist plus learn about a great resource to help you create your self-care practice.

    • Printed Playlist
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