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About this Course

Python 2 will end of life in 2020!!!!!

If you are a Python 2 developer, it's time to porting your code into Python 3 !!!

Course Summary

  • If you are a Python 2 developer and haven't had the chance to use Python 3, this course is for you. We will talk about Python 3 new feature with demos and make sure you can understand them all

What's this course about and why you should take it?

  • This course let you master the new and cool features in Python 3
  • We assume you have a base knowledge of the subset of Python that runs in Python 2 and 3. We dive deep into every aspect of Python 3 and the PEP's that prompted those changes. From advanced string formatting, number updates, changes in classes and functions, to Unicode, Type annotation and synchronous Programming, this course covers it all. You will see the features in action and try them out for yourself

Who is this course for?

  • For anyone who has wanted to dive into the new features of Python 3. It is quite easy to write code that works in both Python 2 and 3. Many old Python developers are used to the features of 2 and have never looked into all of the new features that Python 3 provides. Many new programmers are using Python 3, but are missing out on new features like async and annotations
  • Existing Python 3 users: If you aren't using Python to its full potential, you owe it to yourself to checkout this course and see a wealth of Python 3 features that you might not even know exist. You will see and explore most of them in this course!

Basic knowledge


  • Beginner level of python 2 programmer
  • A computer installed Python 3

What you will learn

  • understand the differences between Python 2 and Python 3
  • can port their own code from python 2 to python 3
  • write python 3 native code
  • learn Python 3 new feature

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