The 80/20 Guitar: Write Music and Play Guitar in 30 Days

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In this course we'll break down the 20 most critical guitar concepts into 2 sections. Music Theory Guitar Technique Within these two category's, there are 10 lessons each. We'll call each lesson an "input." The goal is to choose the 20 most important "inputs" that give us 80% of our "output." In our case, our output is our direct ability to play guitar and understand music. By focusing on 20 most important topics, this will allow us to build a solid guitar foundation in the most efficient and effective way possible. Just by joining this course, you will also get access to the discussion forums and additional free video content. So, congratulations to you! You will be able to download my entire 30 Day Practice Schedule, which plans out your practice routine step by step. This course also comes with downloadable Guitar Pro Files, PDF guitar tabs, and .Wav Audio files. It has accessible tools that anyone can use. Here is an example of the topics that will be covered: Music Theory Tuning, Metronomes, Correct Practicing Methods Musical Alphabet and How it Applies to Guitar 9 Most Common Chords on Guitar Writing Chord Progressions and Using Adjacent frets/Open Strings to Make "Common" Chords Not so Common Using the 5 Pentatonic Positions to Start Your Way to Guitar Fretboard Mastery Guitar Technique Ergonomics of Guitar Strumming Rhythms and How to Create Your Own How to Practice Alternate Picking the Right Way Bass Note/Alternating Bass Note Strumming 5th Chords/Power Chords and How to Create Good Sounding Progressions with them This is only half of the material that will be covered in this course. If you want the best start for your guitar playing journey then join the course, download the materials, and most importantly, have fun! Who is the target audience? Students who are beginners and intermediate players are best fit for this course. Those who are looking to kickstart their music journey by learning the fundamentals in the absolute best way that they can are fit for this course. Advanced and expert level players and theory learners may be wasting their time. Although, they might pick up a few tips and tricks as well.
  • Getting Started 3
    • Introduction
    • The Exclusive Facebook Support Group
    • How to Think like a Great Guitar Student
  • Your First 10 Inputs 10
    • Ergonomics of Playing Guitar
    • Tuning, Metronomes, and Correct Practice
    • Easy Chords and 31 Hits
    • Musical Alphabet
    • Strumming Motions
    • 9 Most Common Chords
    • Palm Muting
    • Writing Chord Progressions
    • Alternate Picking
    • Counting and Beat Values
  • Your Second 10 Inputs 10
    • Bass Note Chord Strumming
    • How to Write Your First Song
    • Legato
    • Memorizing Fretboard Notes
    • Positions of the Pentatonic Scale
    • Power Chords
    • I, IV, V Chord Progressions using the Pentatonic Scale
    • Vibrato
    • Alternate Picking One Note Per String
    • Adding the "Blues Note" to the Pentatonic Scale
  • Conclusion
    • Thank You!
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