T-SQL Training Using Real World Scenarios:Tricks Of The Trade

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This online T-SQL video training course on Microsoft SQL Server Technology includes a lot of real world scenario which i learnt in my professional work. I have covered the course contents with the real life situation example for every topic.

Real Life situations are as follow

  • How to view the structure of a table 
  • How to create your own shortcuts in SSMS
  • Dropping multiple tables in one go having a fixed pattern
  • Guidelines while performing DML Operations
  • How to create Solution File in SSMS and what is the need for it
  • How to insert a row with old identity value which was deleted
  • How to reset table identity
  • How to delete duplicate records from a table
  • How to select only duplicate records from a table
  • How to produce Date Dimension using Recursive CTE Query
  • How to Merge New Changes to an Existing Table
  • What are the advantages of Stored Procedure
  • How to produce running totals or cumulative totals using sql server query
  • How to compare current year sales with the previous year sales 
  • How to compare current year sales since the start of the business year sales
  • How to switch between different SQL Servers within a query window in SSMS
  • How to use a single sql script file for different SQL Servers
  • Reducing Roundtrips using Table Valued Stored Procedure
  • Pagination in SQL Server using OFFSET-FETCH
  • Relevance of Batch in SQL Server
  • How to create and store customized errors
  • Guidelines of writing a Stored Procedure

Following are the major topics covered 

  • Deep dive into Window Functions
  • Ranking Functions - (Rank, Dense_Rank Row_Number, NTile )
  • Aggregate Functions - (Sum,Min,Max,Avg,Count)
  • Analytical Functions-(Lead , Lag, First_Value, Last_Value)
  • Stored Procedures
  • Input Parameters
  • Output Parameters
  • Default Parameters
  • Return
  • Table Valued Parameters
  • Common Table Expressions
  • Recursive Common Table Expressions
  • Synonyms
  • Identity Columns
  • Transactions
  • Raiserror/Throw
  • Error Handling (Try….Catch)

Basic knowledge

  • Elementary knowledege of Transact SQL is needed like SSMS,Database Tables, Select , Join , Group By Commands ,Primary Key, Foreign Key

What will you learn

  • Participant's knowledge will be deepened to handle real life situations in T-SQL
  • Please watch the course description to see more details

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