Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise

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Blockchain is being heralded as a technology that can transform industries from banking, supply chain, energy, and to healthcare. In this course, Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise, you'll survey numerous applications to understand how blockchain can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and even open new business opportunities. First, you'll get a high-level understanding of how blockchain works, and the differences between the blockchain in Bitcoin and the blockchain needed for enterprise: better performance and privacy. Next, you'll survey a wide range of enterprise applications to get a tangible sense for blockchain's potential and challenges. Finally, you'll delve into a tour of numerous enterprise blockchain software packages and their pros and cons. By the end of this course, you'll understand how blockchain provides a new way for businesses to share data and automate processes across company boundaries, but it will require substantial coordination, IT investment, and even rethinking of business models.

  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Introducing Blockchain: Improving Supply Chain Food Safety
    • What Is Blockchain? How Is Enterprise Different Than Bitcoin?
  • Surveying Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases
    • Improving Supply Chains with System-wide Transparency
    • Immutability on Private vs. Public Blockchains
    • Fine-grained Privacy, Digitization, and Automation
    • A Smarter, More Efficient Energy Grid, Peer-to-peer Markets
    • Equities, Finance, Banking, and Payments
    • More Efficient Patient-centric Healthcare
    • Enterprise Application Survey Summary
  • Surveying Enterprise Blockchain Tools
    • Achieving Consensus: Performance, Security, or Scale?
    • Hyperledger: Fabric, Sawtooth, and Composer
    • Microsoft Coco Framework
    • R3 Corda Blockchain
    • JP Morgan Quorum: Enterprise Ethereum
    • Guardtime and Stratumn
    • Conclusions: Public Blockchain vs. Private vs. Database
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atieh mokhtari
atieh mokhtari

This course is introducing the blockchain technology and its' benefits in various sides. you would be familiar with many keywords of blockchain and it's dependencies. If you want to start doing blockchain development, this tutorial should be watched at yo... show more

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