Substance Designer Fundamentals

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Substance Designer is being widely adopted by almost every AAA studio across the world. In this course, Substance Designer Fundamentals, you'll learn the most important fundamental basics of Substance Designer, creating a fully procedural tileable brick material. First, you'll explore how to set up a new project using templates. Next, you'll discover the most important nodes while creating your brick material. Then, you'll learn how to optimize your graph to be used in other applications. Finally, you'll cover exporting and saving out your textures. By the end of this course, you'll be comfortable navigating around Substance Designer and using the node based system while having made your very first material. Software required: Substance Designer 5/6.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Getting Started and Graph Set Up
    • Introduction
    • Creating a New Substance Graph
    • Navigating the Viewports
    • Adding and Hooking up Nodes
    • Using the Library
    • Saving and Customizing Your Workspace
  • Base Material Creation Using Patterns
    • Introduction
    • Using Shape Nodes
    • Creating a Pattern Using Tile Generators
    • Creating a Normal/height Map from Our Pattern
    • Turning Tessellation on in the 3D Viewport
    • Creating Variation in Height and Previewing It in the 3D Viewport
  • Using Noise and Filters to Create Damage and Detail
    • Introduction
    • Filter and Generators in the Library
    • Creating Edge Damage
    • Creating Surface Detail
    • Creating and Blending Mortar
  • Creating the Color Map
    • Introduction
    • Using the Gradient Node
    • Creating Large Color Variation
    • Creating the Mortar and Additional Detail
  • Commenting Our Graph and Creating Variation with Parameters
    • Introduction
    • Creating Frames and Comments
    • Routing Links
    • Random Seeds an Parameters
    • Editing Parameters
  • Saving, Exporting, and Course Finish
    • Introduction
    • Creating Texture Suffixes and Automating Packed Maps
    • Exporting Textures
    • Optimization and Exporting a .Sbsar File
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