Stay Healthy and Prevent Injuries From Working On A Computer

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Description In this course you will be shown how to conduct a healthy lifestyle while working in front of a computer at the office and how to prevent common workplace injuries. I will show you how to: Protect the health of your eyes from computer use. Release workplace stress and tension. Seating alternatives and posture. Preserve the health of your wrist. Eating habits and nutrition. Items you should keep around in your office Stretches and exercises for body health Computer use healthy habits And much more Join me in helping you understand how to create a healthy workplace environment that will save you money from numerous visits to your doctor. If you have any questions regarding the course I am more than happy to answer them.
  • Staying Healthy, Both Mentally and Physically At The Office
    • Introduction
    • Computer Screen Level
    • Protective Eyewear (Gunnar Lenses)
    • Preventing Eyestrain
    • Eye Exercise List
    • Adjusting Posture and Seating Options
    • Protecting Your Wrist From Injuries
    • Releasing Stress with Yoga
    • Stretches List
    • Releasing Stress with Exercise
    • Exercise List
    • Foam Rolling
    • Nutrition Habits
    • Removing Toxins with Oil Pulling
    • Oil Pulling Benefits
    • Making Healthy Choices While Networking
    • Step Outside and Take A Break
    • Conclusion
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