Statistics Foundations: 1

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Statistics is not just the realm of data scientists. All types of jobs use statistics. Statistics are important for making decisions, new discoveries, investments, and predictions. Whether the subject is political races, sports rankings, shopping trends, or healthcare advancements, statistics is an instrument for understanding your favorite topic at a deeper level. With these beginner-level lessons, you too can master the terms, formulas, and techniques needed to perform the most common types of statistics.

Professor Eddie Davila covers statistics basics, like calculating averages, medians, modes, and standard deviations. He shows how to use probability and distribution curves to inform decisions, and how to detect false positives and misleading data. Each concept is covered in simple language, with detailed examples that show how statistics are used in real-world scenarios from the worlds of business, sports, education, entertainment, and more. These techniques will help you understand your data, prove theories, and save time, money, and other valuable resources—all by understanding the numbers.

Topics include:

  • Why statistics matter
  • Evaluating your data sets
  • Finding means, medians, and modes
  • Calculating standard deviation
  • Measuring distribution and relative position
  • Understanding probability and multiple-event probability
  • Describing permutations: the order of things
  • Calculating discrete and continuous probability distributions
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