Starting a blog: Be online in 30 minutes

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This course is a guide on how to set up your very own blog, using WordPress. In this course you will watch me register and use my very own WordPress blog while explaining every step. Think of it as me holding your hand through the process. I will guide you through all the small technical obstacles that exist in starting your blog, that can easily hold many people back. Setting up WordPress is easy once you understand the process. Wordpress is an incredibly powerful platform to base your website on. It will allow you to have anything from a personal blog, a professional blog, a business website, a landing page, a squeeze page, an ecommerce store, and much, much more. In this course, we will simply cover how to set up a blog. Who is the target audience? This Wordpress course is meant as a basic walkthrough for absolute beginners. It is about the technical difficulties that can arise when starting their very own blog.
  • Introduction: Getting your site online
    • Introduction

      Here we go over what you will learn in this course.

    • Getting a website host

      Here I will show how to easily get your website on the internet.

    • Installing Wordpress

      In this lesson we install WordPress on to your site, turning it into a blog!

  • How to use Wordpress
    • Editing and disabling the comment section
    • Setting up your blog

      Here we take the final steps in making your blog public.

    • Designing your blog

      A simple walkthrough in designing your blog

    • The basics of the blog post toolc

      Here I show the basic functions of the blog post tool

    • Creating a page on your blog

      Here we go over why a page is different from a blog post, and how to make a page!

  • Advanced wordpress utilities
    • Finding, installing, and enabling plugins

      Here I show you how to find, install, and enable plugins for your wordpress blog.

    • Advanced blog posting tools

      We revisit the blog post creation tool to go over the remaining features.

  • Wrapping it all up
    • How to make the blog public

      Here we unlock your blog for the world to see

    • Goodbye!

      Goodbye for now, and I hope you enjoyed the course. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

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