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This is an BEGINNER SQL course for people who find other courses to be boring or hard to understand. My format is very energetic and I simplify things so that anybody can understand it. I feel your pain with trying to learn new things, and I design my courses to make it the best possible experience possible. If you are new to SQL, I have an awesome beginner class which is just for you. I have years working for companies like investment banks and FinTech vendors, so I know what software they have and what you need to know. This course is not just for financial jobs though. You can use this for any industry. This course covers: Introduction to SQL SQL Components Getting your data. How to use SQL to pull data from database. Table Armageddon: How to join multiple tables Table Genesis: Where tables are born Things look GREAT from here! Let's talk about views! You are GOD...or just an administrator! Let's talk about privileges Only TRUE nerds pass here! Time to get advanced! Don't take MY word for it, take a look at what some of the 280,000 people who have enjoyed my SQL videos have said: [From my FIXProtocol Channel] "Didou Reznov2 the delivery and presentation is just genius , he got me hooked from sec 1" "Flynn Davies haha love the video man, the enthusiasm kept my ADHD infused brain entertained and helped me learn this. thanks so much and keep em up!" "ricochet08 definitely the most entertaining sql video i've seen :D will be watching more of your videos!" "Al Johnson5 +FIXProtocol Very interesting, informative and passionate video about the subject scary for many people. You like to teach, and you know stuff you're talking about!" "Richard Cooper4 Great video love your enthusiasm! I am a sql developer who is looking to expand his skill set. Keep it up I like it! :-)" "TrollAndPlay1 You sir, are an amzing teacher ! Thank you so much !" "Thomas Rönnberg2 A charismatic teacher and very clear teaching methods" "Mark Ganus thanks heaps man. I'm on a race to learn SQL as quickly as and have been scouring youtube for useful videos and yours have been of great help. again thanks a bunch" "Siddy Kay1 I did a course on cyber-security this summer. You explain things well. i understand things better now haha, even though I'm a CS major. Wished my professors were as good in explaining as you lol"
  • Start Here
    • Introduction
  • Introduction to SQL
    • Section 1 Intro Joke
    • What is SQL
    • basic structure
    • SQL is ALL about Queries! What is a Query though?
    • Free SQL Software
    • What will you need SQL for
    • Select
  • Getting your data. How to use SQL to pull data.
    • What are common query types
  • Only TRUE nerds pass here! Time to get advanced!
    • Common queries part 2
    • What are popular enterprise DB solutions.mp4
    • Joins
  • SQL Components
    • Keep going!
    • Predicate
    • 4 Ds
    • More Query examples!
    • Text comparison
    • from
    • OR
    • Building your Schema: DB Blueprint
    • GROUP BY
    • ORDER BY
    • More queries
    • More examples

      One of my first students wanted me to add more examples, so here you go!

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