SimPLife: Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening- GROW Your OWN FOOD

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A Note For Organic Farmers:

The Essential BioDynamics is intended to be taken BEFORE the farming courses, in a logical triad of Cosmos Education, Earth-Care, and Strategic Organic Food Production.

1. The Essential BioDynamics provides The Why- vital details on supportive Cosmic rhythms, delivering the unique potency for

2. Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening which provides The How- a basic foundation of Earth prep and BioDynamic-Organic Food Production, and

3. Living Farm! provides The What- strategizing farm efforts, and suggests Food Choices to improve The Life of You, The Bio-Organic Farmer.




THIS is a full on-site, hands-on intensive- which comes with a lifetime experienced farming coach to answer all your questions!....


showing how YOU can take control of your own environment and food supply, simply by growing the highest quality food- best flavour, highest nutritional content, shortest time, minimal blights & infestations...using sensible, ancient wisdoms & the materials you have around you.


This is about sensible, easy, natural farming. and why should growing food ever be different?


This course is for creative~activist people, who are wired for Personal Power- to run their own show, their own simpl life, with good sense front & center.


This is Ladakhi Organic Farming utilizing BioDynamics (BD), or the cosmic dance which infuses, flows throughout Life on our mother planet.

What does that simply-


Know how the BD rythmns and calendar guide us into the highest-probability, best-results days for doing everything related to our beautiful farm- or tomatoes in the windowbox- throughout every season.


Everything you need for Simply growing your own food- detailed on-site videos, storydocs & infotools, coming to you LIVE from high-desert (himalayan Ladakh), tropical (Thailand) and temperate climes (Korea): planning & creating, planting, nutrifying, watering & cultivation- and of course, the Glorious Harvest.


Not for info-tourists, you will be fairly tested for assured farming results...Career farmers, backyard hobbyists, avid foodies or community leaders, urban or rural, will find this creatively fun & essential!


What you will Need To Complete The Course:

  • The Core Concept here is Self-Reliance: not dependence…
  • STRIVE for Flight by your own Wings and we'll help you get there!
  • All pertinent Info & Links will be supplied, to support your Efforts & Research.
  • Questions? USE your Instructor to FILL IN what is missing!
  • FarmField needs: A piece of Land is ideal, otherwise multiple Containers work just fine...
  • Soil Builder needs: Organic Materials such as local manures, dried grasses or grains; vegetable Scraps from kitchen, restaurant or yard
  • Water needs: Natural water supply (river, stream, canal) or water mains (piped-in supply, hose etc)

The Bio-Farmer's BEST TOOL List:

  •   A BioDynamics Calendar (free online, links provided)
  •   A Sturdy Farming Hoe, a hand Digger or Trowel, a Bucket or two
  •   Experienced Clothing: Gloves, Sunhat, long-sleeved cotton Shirt, tough bare Feet, old Shoes
  •   BUDDIES to help you have FUN (group projects are always BEST) and a SMILE....       



At any time, if something does not make sense to you, or you have aparticular situation to ask about- USE this course as an info-forum! ASK ANY and EVERY QUESTION in course discussions, so others may benefit, in addition to yourself. 

In this indirect way, you are thus also helping to teach, or direct, the course.

have fun with this!



Who this course is for:

  • ALL of us can farm! normally, creative/activist souls would be most attracted to this, but anyone who wishes to be more active in their Life is very welcome!

Basic knowledge

  • Experience not required!
  • Only a willingness for Personal Adventure

What will you learn

  • Organic Farming, utilizing the Ladakhi farming method and rhythms from the Cosmos
  • To grow your own food in the most reliable, practical Earth-loving ways possible
  • A PLETHORA of growing examples & hands-on step-by-steps, to show

what you can also DO


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