Serverless Workflow Management with AWS Step Functions

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AWS Step Functions is used to orchestrate micro services into manageable workflows and state-machines, it is a rich service that is capable of creating complex business processing flows by running services and activities in steps utilizing wait conditions, parallel processing, decision branching and exception handling to implement long running processes. AWS Step Functions is written in JSON format and is capable of integrating with Lambda functions and with custom activities that could be workers running on EC2 instances. This course is a walk-through of the concepts and basic structure of AWS Step Functions and a demo on creating basic Order Processing workflow utilizing Step Functions and Lambda. Who is the target audience? Cloud Architects Solution Architects Software Developers
  • Introduction
    • Introduction

      Presentation including agenda and basic information about Step Functions and demo WorkFlow

  • AWS Step Functions
    • Demo Workflow

      This lecture is a discussion about demo workflow and steps to create the environment and deploy/provision needed resources

    • Lambda Functions

      In this lecture we will explore lambda functions that will be created as part of this demo, we will explore the code and CloudFormation template to create the functions

    • State-Machine Development

      In this lecture we will go through creating State Machine in step functions service, we will create JSON structure that is used to produce Order Processing state machine.

    • State-Machine Testing

      In this lecture we will create manual executions of order processing state-machine and explore the behavior with difrrent inputs

    • Create REST endpoint to State-Machine - API Gateway

      In this lecture we will explore some programatic scenarios to invoke our state-machine and integrate it as part of a bigger picture

    • Trigger State-Machine as batch process - S3 Integration
    • Cleanup

      Cleanup resources created as part of the demo

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