Serverless Architecture on Amazon Web Services

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This course demonstrates a key strength of cloud computing in general and of Amazon Web Services platform in particular, the ability to go serverless. By deploying serverless applications you don't have to maintain any server to operate your application and you can ensure high availability and scalability of your application in the most cost effective way, this is mainly because you pay only for the resources you actually use and only when you use them. In this course we will have a conceptual discussion of N-Tier Architecture and the possible ways to create it on Amazon Web Services, we will also discuss some of the possible ways and services that help you create N-Tier Serverless Architecture on AWS. In this course we will create an end-to-end serverless web application utilizing DynamoDB for backend, Lambda for Data Access Layer, API Gateway for integration layer and S3 for presentation layer. The demo in this course sets the foundation seeds for high complexity serverless architectures. Who is the target audience? Cloud Solutions Architects Application Developers Cloud Engineers
  • Serverless Architecture on AWS
    • N-Tier Architecture Basics

      Understand deployment environment complications and how to create N-Tier Architecture on AWS

    • Demo - Backend - DynamoDB

      In this step of the demo we will create the backend tier using AWS DynamoDB Table

    • Demo - DAO Layer - Lambda

      In this step of the demo we are going to create DAO layer using Lambda function

    • Demo - Integration Layer - API Gateway

      In this step of the demo we will expose DAO layer as REST-Like service

    • Demo - Presentation Layer - S3

      In this step of the demo we will deploy static resources to S3 and utilize S3 as presentation layer

    • Demo - Assign Domain - Route53

      In this step of the demo we will use custom domain name to finalize the end-to-end web application

    • Security Considerations

      Conceptual discussion about security considerations for API Gateway Security Considerations

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