Semantic HTML

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In this HTML tutorial, we'll learn about the concept of semantic HTML. Semantic HTML means writing HTML that is descriptive and meaningful in regards to content and context. This course will talk about how, and especially why, it is important to write semantic HTML. If you have ever been confused about when and how to use semantic HTML5 elements we will talk about their intended uses in depth. We will also learn how our HTML creates an outline using both headings and HTML5 sectioning elements. We will even gain insight into accessibility concepts and how using different elements changes how those using assistive technologies perceive our webpages by testing our project with a screen reader. By the end of this HTML training, you'll have a solid understanding of how you can write better, semantic HTML. Software required: Brackets, Google Chrome.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Semantic HTML
    • What Is Semantic HTML?
    • Auditing a Site for Semantic Issues
    • Auditing Our Project for Semanticism
    • Sectioning and Grouping Elements
    • Semantics and Screen Readers
    • Main Flow Content
    • Marking up Main Flow Content
    • Headings and Implicit Sections
    • Creating Our Outline Using Headings
    • HTML Outlines
    • Outlines in HTML4 vs. HTML5
    • Finishing up Our Outline
    • Text-level Semantic Elements
    • Semantic Forms
    • Final Notes on Semanticism
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