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Selenium Grid Extras is a project, that guides you set up and deal with your local Selenium Grid. Simple examples of the Grid has, the HUB and Nodes. The HUB is known for handling test sessions and appointing new sessions in Incomplete Nodes. 

Arranging Grid Extras is made as basic, simply run the packaged JAR document and point the hub at the HUB Map, Grid Extras will deal with the rest for you. Here are the features you get by utilizing, Selenium Grid Extras vs Selenium Grid alone.

The Capacity to control one matrix nodes, following is an insufficient sequence, rundown of OS-level works: 

Terminating the browser model by a Name.

Pausing any Process by PID.

Moving the mouse to certain area. 

Get Memory use and disk Results.

Automating web driver binaries.

Restart Node after a set number of test executions. 

Centre storage of designs for all nodes on the HUB server.

Screen photos at the OS level.

What's more, 


On the starting execution, go with the "set up guidelines" segment. 

As a component of the starting execution, a starter content or start_grid_extras.bat will be designed. 

After the starting execution, utilize the created start content to begin HUB or codes from that point. 

This will guide with programmed updates and optimizations. 

Be careful of keeping the Selenium online training Extras jar file, in an index with spaces. Doing so may cause issues. PR welcome to fix this. 

Starting the Grid Hub

It is basic, simply download the Grid Extras Jar to begin from here: 

Download Latest Setting up Grid Hub.

In the terminal execute following commands.

java – jar Selenium-Grid-Extras-Jar.jar 

You have published with a few queries, initial one will query as to whether you need to set this PC as a HUB, Node, or both. Answer 2 for HUB.

Leave the Hostname for Grid Hub as Inbuilt

Set the port to be utilized by Selenium Grid Hub, inbuilt is 4444.

You have to Query as to whether you wish to auto-update Selenium. If you answer it as yes, at that point each time Selenium Grid Extras is started it will check.

For the most recent variant of Selenium Stand Alone Server, IEDriver, and Chrome Driver. If that you decide to not auto-update, you have to select, what variants from every driver to secure in. 

Setting up Grid Node 

In the terminal run following Rules and commands: 

java – jar Selenium-Grid-Extras-Jar.jar 

You have to Query, as to whether you wish to utilize this PC as HUB or Node, select 1 for Node 

You have to request the hostname of the HUB PC, type in the IP or hostname of the HUB PC.

When published for the port utilized by the HUB, type that value Selenium Grid Extras, will start to figure the Operating System of the present PC, if it's off-online, please enter the right value.

You will be asked what Browsers this Node will have, pick the ones that apply.

You will be asked how frequently to restart your entire PC. As a matter of fact, after 10 tests Selenium training Extras will initiate, restart the Node, gave the hub is not active. Select 0 on the if you don't wish to have the PC restart Automatically. 

You have to Query, as to whether Selenium Grid Extras have to consequently check for updates of IEDriver, ChromeDriver and Selenium Stand Alone Server. 

If you answer no, you have to do, what adaptation to secure in. 

At long last, you have Queried, to whether you wish to store the whole Node configs on the HUB. If you answer yes, Selenium Grid Extras will start to push Node's configs to the HUB. 

In the event that it is effective, Selenium Grid Extras will start to download the whole of the configs from the HUB before it begins. Along these lines, the whole of the Node configs can be controlled from the HUB. 

This is all about today’s topic. Selenium grid Extras is a beautiful thing when It comes to applying, and computing, different function in Selenium.

I think it is the best feature in selenium online training Hyderabad to Run and perform, for many selenium programs and scripting concepts. I think I have done this.

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