Scratch Mathematics

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Scratch mathematics is a fun way to better understand algebra and co-ordinate geometry not only by visualising it but by creating sketching and problem solving algorithms. Coding ties in with Algebra through the use of variables to store and transform information. These variables will be used to create and solve equations and also to investigate factorisation and prime numbers. Coding ties in with co-ordinate geometry through user interfaces (the very screen you are looking at right now) this screen is a Cartesian two dimensional plane where every single pixel is a unique co-ordinate. These pixels are essentially the same as squares on a plotting paper and so we can use them to plot various functions, intersections points and axis intercepts. What you can do with this knowledge? If you are a high school student you can gain a novel insight into your most important maths skills and come to realise their value in applying them to computer programs If you are a teacher you have just acquired a capacity to create some amazing interactive activities for algebra and co-ordinate geometry. Beyond this you can create automated quizzes which your students can use to test their skills. If you are budding game designer you can better understand the equations that govern the movement of objects and so begin creating basic physics engines How long will the course take? This course can be completed in approximately 4 hours by someone proficient in Scratch, a Scratch novice would need about 6 hours What else is included? All the solution files are attached in a zip file inside the very first introductory lecture Who is the target audience? This course is for anyone that likes math and wants to bring it into the domain of coding This course is ideal for helping high school students understand algebra better by creating algorithms that solve problems This course is ideal for mathematics teachers looking to expand their repertoire of activities This course is NOT for anyone advanced in both mathematics and coding
  • Before you get started
    • Installing Scratch
    • Program solutions
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
    • Multiples
    • Factorising a given integer
    • Testing if a given number is a prime number
    • Generating a list of prime numbers (any size you like)
  • Co-ordiante Geometry
    • Sketching a function (linear, quadratic and cubic)
    • Finding and marking the X, Y intercepts
    • Finding and marking the intersection points of two curves
  • Automation and Quizzes
    • Basic arithmetic quiz which automatically generates 10 questions
    • Multiple operations quiz: randomly generated questions + grading
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