SAP ABAP Programming In A Nutshell

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Have you ever wanted to know how SAP Programs, so-call ABAP Reports, work and are structured? Do you want to know how SAP stores data in the ABAP Dictionary or how outputs to the screen work? If yes, then you are right here! This online video course will deliver you exactly what he promises: a quick look into the exciting world of SAP software development with ABAP. We will discuss the following topics and you will learn: How to write your first Hello World ABAP program How data declarations work How the ABAP dictionary works with a focus on data elements and domains What the most important ABAP statements are and how you can look up for help to see which parameters they have, etc. How database tables work in SAP How SAPs native query language "OpenSQL" works to get data from the database How to make graphical screens called "Selection Screens" How to display list data in a graphical way with the Advanced List Viewer (ALV) If you want to dive deeper and expand your SAP knowledge after this course check out the last lecture of this course where you can find coupon codes for my other courses. Who is the target audience? People who want to get a first glimpse into the world of ABAP programming
  • Basics
    • Introduction
    • Hello World
    • Data declarations
    • ABAP Dictionary (Data elements, domains, etc.) Part 1
    • ABAP Dictionary (Data elements, domains, etc.) Part 2
    • The most important ABAP statements (incl. Field symbols)
  • Further Techniques
    • ABAP Dictionary: Database tables
    • OpenSQL and Selection Screens
    • Advanced List Viewer (ALV)
    • Recap
    • Bonus Lecture and Coupons for my other courses
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