Sales and Marketing For Online Businesses

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Creating an online business of any type can be a daunting task but one that is very possible but without sales and marketing skills you won't get far. Most likely you have your product or service, perhaps a website, and now you wait for that money to pour in. The problem? It never does. There is much more to an online business than selling a product or service and then collecting money. One of the most important things you need is marketing. If you are not in a position to hire a marketing expert than doing it yourself is the next best way. It is needed no matter what type of business you do. This sales and marketing course is designed to get you started in the right direction by making it super simple. This course will cover tips for making sales and various marketing techniques. For example did you know that a product with a personal story behind it outsells those that don't? I'll explain in the course. Did you know that video is a fantastic way to build your brand and bring in sales? I cover that as well. Other things we will discuss are tips for optimizing your website, blogging, traffic, video, paid advertising methods, email, offline marketing, customer service, branding, creating a call to action, social media, and so much more! By the time this course ends you will have everything you need to take your online business to the next level by utilizing marketing. While you take this course you can feel confident that you are learning from someone who has been where you are now. I have been running multiple online businesses for awhile now. I've had my failures and I've had my success. I learned what it takes to grow a successful business and now I am going to teach you using 100% video lectures and video tutorials. It will take a few weeks to complete this sales and marketing course as we will cover a lot but it will be well worth it. What are the requirements? Be sure to have a notebook and pen for all lectures. The act of writing down importan tips helps you retain it. Have at least an entry level knowledge of working in an online business. What am I going to get from this course? Know how to effectivly market and advertise your online business Create great videos that generates traffic and exposure Boost sales of your products by applying some techniques that are effective. Conduct keyword research for the best traffic results Develope excellent customer service skills Who is the target audience? This course is for anyone who either has an online business or is starting one. This is not for anyone who is not willing to do the extra work in order to grow a home based business.
  • Section 1: Getting Started:
    • Introduction

      Welcome to our sales and marketing course. In this first lecture I will introduce myself and tell you about my online businesses. I will cover Fiverr, Etsy, and a few of my other online businesses. I will also let you know what's in store for this course and how my lectures will be.

    • All About You

      I made a discovery 6 months after starting my business that changed everything. It literally changed overnight and is a big part of why one of my businesses does so well in sales. It's all about you! In this lecture I will share with you details on how telling your own personal story can change your business. How did you get here? Why? What's your goal or dream? What you will learn is that your story will connect you and your product to your customers. Many people will buy because of that story because it has meaning. This is a fantastic lecture that will help you jump start your business as soon as the video ends!

    • Section 1 Completion Quiz

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  • Section 2: Building Your Foundation
    • Your Website

      Having a dedicated website just for your business can be a huge help. It's basically business central. This is where it all happens. Product announcements, communication, links to every aspect of your business presence, helpful information, and value. It really depends on type of business you conduct. In some cases a blogging website will be best. We will talk about your options in this lecture, the best way to go, domains, branding, and how to optimize your site. Before you push your business hard have your website ready to go and this lecture will help you get started.

    • Branding

      We talked about branding briefly in our previous lecture. For this lecture we will go into greater detail. Branding a business and/or yourself matters. Your goal is to have your name or your business name associated with your product type. When people think of that product they will think of you. It also helps build your reputation. I have some great tips and real life examples of how this works and why it matters.

    • Section 2 Completion Quiz

      This quiz will test you on some of the important things you learned in section 2

  • Section 3: Running Your Business
    • Efficiency/Time Matters

      This is a very important lecture. We associate money with business but time is just as important. For example if you spend four hours on a project that earns you a dollar or two than it is worth that time you just spent? Are you earning the type of income you need in order to survive? These are questions only you can answer. I will arm you with knowledge in this lecture and then you will need to put it to use in order to best serve your business. Always remember that time is money in business.

    • Control Your Business

      My biggest online business is my Etsy shop. This is where I earn 90% of my online income from. As a small business I depend upon Etsy. Imagine one morning I wake up and they have shut down for good! Now what? I need to be prepared to keep my business going using other outlets and that is what this lecture is all about. I am going to teach you how to control your business by being prepared and not depending 100% on outside forces. I have many great examples to share that will make a huge difference to your business.

    • Multiple Streams Of Income

      This lecture relates to our previous one. Things change often online. Popular websites disappear and small businesses end. If we rely on just once source for our income and then things change we could go broke. This happens daily to so many. It is best to earn from more than just place and that is why this lecture has been created. I have some great tips for earning multiple streams of income and if things go well this will also help you earn much more money!

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  • Section 4: Traffic & Advertising
    • Marketing Analogy

      What does the human body and marketing have in common? You'd be surprised! In this lecture I will explain my unusual marketing analogy that compares the process of online marketing to the actual human body. Once this lecture is over you should have a much better understanding of this whole things works. Not only that but it will difficult to forget as well!

    • Traffic

      No business can survive without traffic. Places like the local deli depend upon car and foot traffic. An online business like Etsy depend upon internet traffic. This is why Google is so big. We need people to find our products and services and that is done through traffic. All fo this will explained in more detail in today's lecture. If you have not been taking notes you might want to here. Traffic will become the lifeblood of your business so this lecture is very important.

    • Email/Newsletter

      Sure you have the traffic coming into your website, blog, or online shop but not everyone is going to buy. This is where email newsletters come in handy. It is a way for you to hold onto your visitors and build a relationship with them overtime. They may not buy today but a few weeks from now they might. Having this option allows you to increase your odds and your sales otherwise you lose that potential sale. I will share my tips, how to go about this, explain autoresponders, and what not to do in this lecture.

    • Keyword & Marketing Research

      This is usually the most boring and tedious part of marketing but it is needed. Before creating your product listings, ads, blog posts, etc it is important to know what people are actually looking for and interested in. If your main keyword is something that gets searched less than 10 times a month your chances of success are very slim. No one will find you. This lecture will explain exactly what you need to do and I will also take you on a tutorial showing you a simple way to research your keywords.

    • Blogging

      It's true that not everyone is a writer but in the 21rst century most online business owners are. It is another form of advertising that makes multiple connections with your customer base and potential customers. It allows you to use your keywords to grab people from the search engines, allows you to go into detail about your business and products, and is a free way to advertise. You don't need to be a Stellar writer like Stephen King or J.K Rolling. You just need to provide valuable content. In this lecture I will show you how to write a blog post and share tips on where and when to post as well as how often. After this video you will be blogging with the best of them.

    • Call To Action

      In order to make your videos, blog posts, and website effective you need to have what's called a “call to action”. It's a simple one or two sentence teaser ad that invites readers and viewers to go deeper. Whether it's visit a sales page, a capture page, another blog post, etc. It is what makes your post or video a piece of advertising. I will explain more in the video lecture and teach you how to utilize this in your marketing efforts.

    • Social Media

      This lecture will focus on social media as a whole. Most times this a free way to advertise. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way. I will go over all of that. Many in business benefit from the instant connection that social media provides and it should be part of your business.

    • Ebay & Craigslist

      Ebay and Craigslist are two very large websites. Both can be helpful to your business however for their positives there are also many negatives. I use both sites and I have been selling on eBay since 2000. Recently I was finally crowned as a “Top Rated Se

    • Forums

      Forums can be tricky. You can't just start pushing your products. It will take time but once you build a decent reputation your name and brand will grow enough where people will want to visit your site. This can be a fantastic free source of traffic and sales. All of this will be covered in this lecture.

    • Offline Advertising

      Sometimes old school still works! Advertising outside the internet is still very effective. You can pass out business cards, flyers, or more advanced stuff like radio ads and billboards. There are many different things you can do to get exposure and hopefully sales and we will go through them in this lecture.

    • Trade shows/Events

      In line with our last lecture a more advanced way to advertise your business is through trade shows and events. You can get a booth and demonstrate your product, do giveaways, contests, and make sales. It all depends upon the event but this is a great way to grow your brand. This is more advanced but this lecture is designed to get you thinking out of the box.

    • Paid Ads

      Once your business starts making money or you have it now you can invest in advertising. This type of advertising is typically less time consuming, works faster, and can generate lots of traffic in a short amount of time. This should be something you work towards as your business grows. The are many different options available and we will go over each one in today's video lecture.

    • Section 4 Completion Quiz

      This quiz covers some important info learned in section 4. Test yourself to see how much you learned.

  • Section 5: Video Marketing
    • Video Marketing

      People respond to visuals and video is highly effective. There are endless possibilities as to what you can do. Your videos can be one on one conversations, tutorials, product demo, behind the scenes, and commercials. In this lecture you will also learn how to market that video in order to increase traffic. You will also learn tips for creating fantastic professional videos such as lighting, audio, and video quality. This is one lecture you don't want to miss.

    • Becoming A Better Speaker

      Way too many people fear speaking in public and on video. Others just lack the skills. It really isn't as bad as most think. In this lecture I have some tips for overcoming this so that you can be a fearless and confident leader in your business. We will discuss having passion, believing in what you are saying, and being truthful.

    • Section 5 Completion Quiz

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  • Section 6: Attitude
    • Customer Service

      When it comes to online business owners they lack good customer service skills. Many don't think this will be a skill set needed but if you are selling your own products, communicating through email or phone then yes you do need this. During this lecture we will discuss this and I will help you develop these skills. They are important because your connection to your customers could affect the success of your business.

    • Conclusion

      As we wrap up our final lesson we spend some time going over everything we talked about. Now that you have the knowledge it's time to put it all together. You will also find some inspiration as well.

    • Section 6 Completion Quiz

      This is the final quiz! Take it and then congratulate yourself for completing this course.

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