Running a Mobile App Dev Business: The Complete Guide

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The mobile app development industry is growing at a blazing 43% per year and shows no signs of slowing down. This represents a huge opportunity for you - bigger than it's ever been before. Whether you want to code or not, you can capitalize on the over 16 billion dollars of money spent per year on mobile app development services. Part-time or full-time, you can build an awesome portfolio and an even better income taking on mobile app development projects.  Over the last four years I've personally overseen the launch of over 100 apps from concept to deployment. I've grown my business from one small client to over 100. Today, we make apps for big name brands such as Walmart, GNC, Dick's Sporting Goods, and other Fortune 500 companies. I created this course to teach you how you can hit the ground running by starting a mobile app development business - no coding necessary. I see a lot of people floundering to start or grow their mobile businesses because they don't have the mentorship or the guidance to do it right. This course is my answer for all of you who have reached out for help. I've piled everything I know and everything that has made my business successful into this course. I'm going to show you how to jumpstart your business, grow it quickly, and manage your business like a professional - all from the comfort of your laptop. Who is the target audience? Mobile app developers who want to learn how to expand their skills into a business. Non-technical entrepreneurs who want to start a business building mobile apps. Established freelancers who want to add development services to their offerings. Marketing, strategy, and SEO consultants who want to expand their business and offer more to their clients.
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