Rookie Mistakes to Avoid as a Motion Designer

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In this series of tutorials, we will learn about some of the pitfalls that After Effects users run into as they work through lots of different types of projects. We take a sort of ten tips in ten tutorials approach with this course so that all the lessons are relevant to you and the problems you face when working in After Effects. There are so many helpful ideas in this course that you will walk away saying, 'I wish I would have already known that' or 'that's going to save me so much time the next time I create a project like that!' Each lesson uses a different After Effects project, so that we cover a full range of problems. By the end of this course, you will have learned lots of trouble shooting tips in just under 2 hours. This course is well-worth the time of watching it because you'll learn quick fixes for problems that will take you a long time to fix if you don't know what is causing the issue. That's only going to leave you more time to spend creating amazing and beautiful motion graphics in After Effects. Software required: After Effects CS6.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Rookie Mistakes to Avoid as a Motion Designer
    • Importing Issues
    • Staying Organized
    • Vector Vs. Pixel Graphics
    • Fixing the Boomerang Effect
    • Color Differences When Importing
    • Making Footage Longer or Shorter
    • Using Different Types of Motion Blur
    • Rendering to Avoid Choppy Playback
    • Fixing Too Fast or Too Slow Animations
    • Double-checking Your Work for Common Errors
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