Revit for AutoCAD Users

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This course will teach you how to produce some of the common 2D deliverables in Revit, which you would normally produce in AutoCAD. You'll gain an appreciation for how plans and views are created and also how design changes are managed in Revit. Software required: Revit.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Opening Revit for the First Time
    • Similarities and Differences Between AutoCAD and Revit
    • Opening a Project in Revit
    • Exploring the Revit User Interface
    • Exploring the Revit Project Browser
    • Exploring Properties in Revit
    • Exploring the Visibility/Graphics Overrides
    • Summary
  • Floor Plans and Elevations
    • Opening a New Project Template
    • Importing DWG Files from AutoCAD
    • Managing the Layers of Imported DWG Files
    • Adding Levels and Floor Plan Views
    • Drawing a Floor in a Floor Plan View
    • Drawing Walls in a Floor Plan View
    • Using Temporary Dimensions to Draw with Precision
    • Object Selection Methods
    • Adding Doors and Openings to a Floor Plan View
    • Adding Windows and Curtain Walls to a Floor Plan View
    • Elevation Views
    • Adding Text and Dimensions to a Floor Plan View
    • Summary
  • Sections and Details
    • Creating Simple Sloped Roofs
    • Creating a Building Section View
    • Customizing Views with Visibility/Graphics Overrides
    • Creating a Wall Section View
    • Using Callouts to Generate a Wall Detail View
    • Adding Dimensions and Loading 2D Detail Components
    • Adding Architectural Woodwork Detail Components
    • Adding Text to Detail Views
    • Placing Views onto Titleblocks
    • Summary
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