Restoring Deep Sleep to Enhance your Health

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Sleep is an absolutely vital part of maintaining your health, but there seems to be a massive problem these days with sleep. When over 9 million prescriptions a written for sleep drugs every year and you notice coffee shops on almost every corner then you have to wonder what's going on. The affects of sleep deprivation might shock you because they include: Elevations in LDL Cholesterol Elevations in Blood Sugar Reduction of Blood supply to the gut Debilitating both physically and mentally A weakened immune system Higher disease rates Build up of waste products in the brain Increased risk of Cancer Anxiety Irritability Hallucinations Difficulty concentrating Aggression Shorter attention span Impaired memory Every disease, condition, or illness is always linked to underlying problems with sleep. If you have to take sleep medications at night or you have to consume large amounts of stimulants like coffee every day then it's time to look at your sleep patterns to find out what's going on because you're setting yourself up for some major health problems later in life. The Solution The good news is that if you follow all the advice in this video series you'll become a master of sleep and you'll wake up refreshed and energized every single day. This video course is designed to guide you step by step to address all the factors that affect your ability to achieve deep restful sleep every night.
  • Sleep Now - An Action Plan For When You Can't Sleep
    • Intro to Sleep Now

      How to use Sleep Now If you're looking for strategies to improve your general sleep practice, switch to the Sleep Practice Section. If you're trying to sleep right now, stay here in Sleep Now. Sleep Now is a strategic sleep list based approach to sleeping. The idea is that if you're having trouble getting to sleep you starting going down the Sleep Now list until you fall asleep. The list currently combines four techniques as well as 4 sleep tips. As the course progresses I'll add more tips and techniques as they are tested. If you don't fall asleep by the end, you repeat the steps that you felt helped you the most. if you wake up and can't go back to sleep, step 1, 2 and 4 can be helpful. If something is unclear feel free to contact me at

    • Set up for Sleep Now

      Here is a link to a program that allows you to change you computer display optionally to a more sleep friendly colour.

  • Sleep Now STEP 1: A Relaxed Breathing Technique for Sleep
    • Step 1 Breathing Technique To Relax

      Simple Breathing Technique To Relax This video teaches you a simple breathing technique that helps you change your state for better sleep. It's simple and easy and you will get immediate relaxing results. TIP:

    • Sleep Tip 1: A Hot Drink And Why It Works

      SLEEP TIP 1: A Hot Drink

  • Sleep Now STEP 2: Tapping Down Worry and Stress So You Can Sleep
    • Intro To Tapping or EFT for Sleep

      WHY TAPPING? Tapping is a fantastic sleep aid but it may not be obvious why. At first. Why is tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in a course about sleeping? One of the common reasons why people can't sleep is that they have repetitive or obsessive thoughts going round and round in their heads. No matter how much you try to get rid of it, the nervousness and worry caused by out of control thinking is one of the most common causes of sleeplessness. Although deep breathing often helps, it sometimes can't get rid of the agitated feeling or the nervous stomach that obsessive thinking often causes. Thus no sleep! Tapping, according to studies, can calm the fear centres of the brain, directly. As the anyone thinking obsessively knows what they're thinking about. It's the most effective way I've uncovered to calm the mind and set you up for sleep when other things like deep breathing don't work.

    • Sleep Now: Tapping to Clear Blocks To Sleeping
    • Sleep Now Sleep Tip 2 - A Hot Shower Before Bed

      Sleep Now Sleep Tip 2: A Hot Shower Before Bed A hot shower before bed can help bring on sleepiness. The reason: A hot shower will heat up the body's core temperature and when you step out into a cool room, the ensuing drop in body temperature begins slowing the metabolism and bringing on sleepiness. The key thing thing here is that it's the movement from the hot shower to the cool room that seems to produce the effect.

  • Hypnosis
  • Sleep Now STEP 4 - Sleep Trigger
    • Sleep Now Sleep Trigger

      Sleep Now Sleep Trigger Technique This is a simple and powerful breathing technique that can bring on sleep quickly. If you don't get immediate results, try again in a few minutes. Do not exert yourself

    • Sleep Tip 4: Power Down Before Bed

      POWER DOWN Powering down is an effective way of telling your unconscious "we're getting ready for sleep."

  • Creating A Sleep Practice
    • Creating A Sleep Practice

      If you still can't sleep I recommend this short sleep practice course. This addresses the long term issues of why you can't sleep and what you can do about it.

    • Creating A 10 Step Sleep Practice

      Creating a Sleep Practice This course has two sections: Sleep Practice and Sleep Now. Sleep Practice is for generally improving your sleep habits and you can do any time. Sleep Now is for nights when you can't fall asleep. It follows a multistep Sleep List program designed to give you options to overcome sleeplessness tonight. If you're looking to generally improve your sleep habits watch Creating A Sleep Practice. If you're having troubles sleeping tonight, switch to Sleep Now.

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