Relationships in Immigration: A Journey of Empowerment

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In the last century millions of people have immigrated to other countries trying to improve their lives. Maybe you are an immigrant too or your parents are?

Many studies were conducted regarding immigration and it’s influence on one’s life, but only few of them talk about the effect of immigration on romantic relationships.

This course takes you on a journey through your romantic relationship, while highlighting the difficulties couples experience while immigrating (or just relocating) to a different country, and offering strategies to navigate them. The course will shed light on the different factors and processes that you will probably encounter while immigrating, and will help you understand the dangers and also the opportunities this will present for your relationship.

The course is based on academic studies, and includes practical tips and tools in order to enhance your current relationship, and make the most of the immigrant experience.    

You should take this course if you have immigrated, or if you are considering relocation or immigration and your relationship is important to you.

  • Introduction
    • Introduction

      Moving to a new country can put special strains on relationships. Tal Shaish introduces the course and what you can expect.

    • Meet Your Instructor

      Meet your instructor, Tal Shaish.

  • Relationships and Immigration
    • Introduction
    • Post Migration Changes
    • The 4 possible outcomes of post migration changes
    • The 4 factors that influenced the relationship
    • Importance of Communication
  • Post-migration Changes in Gender Relations Research
    • Introduction
    • 3 Areas of Change

      Tal shares three areas that always change when you move to a new country.

    • 3 Phases to the Change

      Once you have watched the lecture and understand that you will go through phases as you adapt to the huge changes moving ot a new country brings, sit down with your significant other and work through the attached PDF workbook which will assist you both make sure you are on the same page, and are building a stronger relationship..

    • How to negotiate the gender roles?
  • Communication as a tool
    • Introduction
    • “I messages” vs “you messages”
    • Research: Changes in Cultures Changes in Relationships
    • Research: Three Areas Of Changes
    • Research: Division of Labor in Relationship
    • Research: Three Questions
  • Conclusions
    • Help Your Fellow Students

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