Registering a website name for your small business

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One of the first decisions when starting a new business is picking your business name. This is often followed by registering a name to be used for your website and your email address. The competition for website names is intense, thus you will want to register your name it as soon as possible. This course everything you need to know when registering a name to be used for your website, and used for your email. Understand the different types of names Understand the rules for selecting a names Understand the options for buying a name that is already owned Understand how names work Learn some simple tips for selecting a name Understand how to register your name Register a perfect website name Registering a domain name is easy, but so many names are already registered that finding a perfect name takes some creativity. Likewise, given the competition for domain names you need to make sure you do not fall foul of trademark laws. This course will give you the knowledge to navigate these considerations. Contents and overview In less than 30 minutes you will learn about the different types of domain names. This will include so called top-level domains, “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, and also country level domains. Once you know the types of domain available; the next step is choosing the name. To choose a name it is important to know the rules that apply, for example, you can have a dash in the name, but you cannot have an exclamation mark. We will also cover the considerations for respecting trademarks and names that may be similar to other established businesses. Next we will cover the options for buying a name that is already owned. This includes how to make an unsolicited offer and how to check if the name is available at auction. If you love knowing how things work, we have a short explanation of what happens when someone types your domain name into a web browser, and how that results in your web page being displayed. This is for the geeks out there, and feel free to skip this! By the end of the course, you will be ready to register the perfect name. Thus, we finish with how to register a name and considerations for selecting a company to do this for you. What are the requirements There is no technical knowledge required for this course. We hope you register your perfect domain as part of doing this course – remember that this requires money (a credit card!), and the costs all depend on the name you want to register ($20 should be sufficient to buy “.com” that is not already owned by someone else). What am I going to get from this course? You will have the knowledge you need to confidently register a domain name for your business. Who is the target audience? The target audience is a small business owner who want to register a name for their website or email address. Who is the target audience? This quiz is for small business owners who want to register a domain name for their business. Using the domain name to setup a website or setup an email address is covered in separate courses.
  • Registering a website name for your small business
    • Introduction

      What is a domain, and what will you learn in this course Quiz questions (answers will be at the end of the course)

    • Types of domain

      Understand the different types of domain names ( .com, .net,, .car, etc) Domain types market share (.com, .net,, etc) Subdomains, http, and https What does a domain cost

    • Selecting a domain name

      In this lecture we will cover: Allowable characters in a domain: letters, numbers, hyphens International domain names (using non English characters) Check your domain cannot be misread Name generators: get some ideas Do some background checks Avoid squatting and trademark violations Optimise for search engines (full match and partial match domains) General advice Selecting a domain name

    • Domain name resale market

      How to find a domain expiry date Know where a site will go to auction Make an unsolicited approach, or get a broker

    • How do domain names work

      This topic is more for those who are curious - it is not essential to understand how domains work. We will cover domain registrars, name servers, and how a users web browser finds your website.

    • Selecting a domain registrar

      n this lecture we will cover: Domain registrar market share Checklist for selecting a domain registrar Register your domain

    • Quiz

      To finish the course here is a short quiz that will test your knowledge

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