Refresher course of Safety Management Systems

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This course helps students who attend the advanced SMS course by ACS group to prepare and refresh the SMS concepts. It is required material before starting the course in-company. It covers three main aspects of Safety Management Systems: Section 1: Why do we need SMS to manage safety in aviation? The first section details the history of Safety Management in aviation before SMS. We discuss the Organisational accident causation or Swiss cheese model developed by James Reason and how it impacts our approach to managing safety. Then we define what safety, hazards and risk are according to ICAO. Furthermore we go over the management dilemma of choosing between dedicating resources towards production or protection and how a re-active approach to safety management can cost more. Afterwards we discuss the importance of Human factors in safety management. Finally we define the purpose of the SMS and how you can ask 4 simple questions to evaluate if the SMS is really working in your area of responsibility. Section 2: How does the Safety Risk Management process work We describe the properties of a successful SMS, how we try to achieve risk based decision making and a simple model of safety risk management. Section 3: What are the elements in an ICAO style Safety Management System? We go over the ICAO based 4 pillar model and explain the various elements contained in each pillar: Pillar 1: Safety policies and objectives We go over the requirements of Management commitment and safety accountabilities of the managers we need to have a successful SMS. We talk about the role of the key safety personel and the SMS implementation plan. Also we need to think about the Emergency Response plan and finally the documentation of the SMS. Pillar 2 Safety Risk Management Since we will discuss this in-depth in the advanced course we only give a quick overview Pillar 3 Safety Assurance The role of the Quality Management systems and setting the right Safety Objectives and targets. Pillar 4 Safety Promotion We cover how we can improve our Just Culture and the overall safety culture by the Safety Training and Communication
  • Introduction
    • Introduction to the basic SMS Refresher course

      A brief overview of the course and an we show how you can ask questions in Udemy about the course material so we discuss it in the class room.

  • Why do we need Safety Management Systems?
    • History of Safety Managemen

      This lecture discusses how safety was managed in modern commercial aviation before Safety Management systems.

    • The Organisational Accident and definitions of Safety
    • The Swiss cheese model that made us look differently at accidents.
    • Pro-active vs Re-active Safety Management

      he model of the Safety Space by James Reason describes how organisations are constrained in the management of Safety by the resources. From this we can see how it makes both safety and financial sense to manage safety in a more proactive way.

    • Human factors in safety

      Why Human Factors are inportant for Safety Risk Management

    • The purpose of the SMS in 4 simple questions

      4 Simple questions you cna use in your department to verify if the SMS is doing it's job.

  • – What are the elements of a succesful SMS?
    • Description of the properties of an SMS
    • Risk-based decision making, the link between SMS and your Management System

      This lecture explains how the SMS works to allow the management team this capability: to make informed decisions about risk

    • A simple SMS model

      A simple graphic model which explains the flow of the SMS process, from the Safety Department to the management team to the quality team.

  • How does an SMS work?
    • SMS Pillar 1 Safety policies and objectives

      This lecture covers how the Pillar 1 builds the infrastructure for the SMS to work

    • SMS Pillar 2 Safety Risk Management

      Safety Risk management is the heart of the SMS, we will cover it in-depth in our Advanced SMS course so we only give you a brief overview here.

    • SMS pillar 3 Safety Assurance

      This section covers how we can answer the question "do our safety risk controls stikk work?"

    • SMS Pillar 4 Safety Promotion

      In this last lecture we discuss the Safety promotion functions: Safety training and Safety communication

  • Evaluation quiz
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