Recreate a fish-eye effect with Photoshop

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01. Crop the image

Open fisheye_before.jpg. To ensure that after applying the fish-eye effect the main area of interest is centred, select the Crop tool and, holding down the Shift key, select a perfect square. To position the area of crop, click into the selection and use the arrow keys to move it into position.

02. Get the fish-eye look

Duplicate the 'Background' layer (Layer>DuplicateLayer). Make sure that you have the duplicated layer selected and then go to Filter>Distort>Spherize. Use the slider to the right of the mesh preview to set Amount to 100%. Make sure the Mode drop-down menu is set to Normal and click OK.

03. Enlarge the canvas size

After applying the fish-eye effect you'll need to enlarge the canvas so you can add a realistic soft edge around the curvature of the distortion. Go to Image>ResizeCanvas>CanvasSize. Select Percentage and increase both values from 100% to 140%. Set the Canvas Extension Colour to black and click OK.

04. Select the border

Click and hold your left mouse button on the Marquee tool in the Tools palette. Select the Elliptical Marquee tool. Switch off the duplicate layer in the Layers palette using the eye icon and click the Marquee tool into the top-left corner of the image. Hold down Shift and drag it down to the bottom right.


05. Feather the edge

Inverse the selection by going to Select>Inverse, then enlarge the selection (Select>Modify>Expand) and set Expand By to 10. Go to Layer>New>Layer, then Select>RefineEdge. Increase Feather to 20px and click OK. From the Edit menu, select Fill, choose Black as the fill colour and click OK to apply.

06. Add some text

Select the Text tool and then click into the image where you want the band name to appear. Type in the name of the band and then use the cursor to select the text. Click onto the text options, set the font and size, and then click the green tick to confirm the change. Go to Layer>
FlattenImage to finish.

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