Realistic Texturing of Modular Structures in Substance Painter 2

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In this course you'll texture modular structures to finish up your game assets. You'll look at texturing all the parts procedurally with Substance Painter 2, which will allow you to best reuse the parts you've modeled. In this course, Realistic Texturing of Modular Structures in Substance Painter 2, you'll explore how to use the procedural tools inside Substance Painter 2 to accomplish texturing a modular structure quickly and beautifully giving you more time to focus on pure quality. First, you'll learn getting a practical understanding of the Substance Painter 2 interface. Next, you'll discover how to create stone and metal procedural textures from scratch. Finally, you'll learn how to import your own textures into Unreal with standard and custom export settings. By the end of this course, you'll gain a detailed understanding of Substance Painter 2 while learning how to make your own compelling textures from modular structures. Software required: Substance Painter 2, Unreal Engine 4.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Setting up in Substance Painter 2
    • Baking in Substance Painter 2
    • Basics of Substance Painter 2
    • Materials in Substance Painter 2
  • Texturing Stone
    • Materials in Substance Painter 2
    • Adding Dirt and Edge Wear
    • Creating Pockmarks
    • Adding Surface and Color Variation
  • Texturing Metal
    • Examining Reference
    • Adding Surface Variation
    • Aging Metal
    • Creating Edge Wear
    • Creating Color Variation
    • Creating Oxidized Metal
  • Refining Detail
    • Hand Painting with Masks
    • Painting with Stencils
  • Exporting and Setting up in Unreal Engine
    • Exporting and Importing into Unreal Engine
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