Quick Start to NUKE: Volume 2

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In this volume, we'll build on the concepts covered in Volume 1. We'll start by bringing our images into NUKE, setting the project settings and moving images around within the main shot. We'll learn how to track areas of the main shot so that we have data to integrate images into the composite. We'll learn how to add elements like fire and an explosion as well as heat distortion and lens effects. We also build upon the color correction techniques that we learned in Volume 1 to take our Volume 2 project to the next level. We'll finish up this training by learning how to get our sequence out of NUKE. Software required: NUKE 8.0v1.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Quick Start to NUKE: Volume 2
    • Project Settings and Reading in the Images
    • Rotoing and Moving Images
    • Tracking a Shot
    • Adding the Alpha for the Transporter and Integrating It into the Shot
    • Reusing and Linking to Tracking Data
    • Adding Fire
    • Integrating the Fire with Rotoscopes
    • Placing Rubble Behind the Cars with Tracking
    • Setting Keys with a Rotoscope
    • Adding an Explosion and Using the Timewarp Node
    • Adding More Rubble
    • Finishing the Rubble Integration
    • Dealing with Difficult Tracks
    • Adding the Robot Hero
    • Adding Blur Nodes for Better Integration
    • Color Correcting Each Image
    • Adding Heat Distortion
    • Adding a Lens Flare
    • Shot Color Correction
    • Creating a Vignette
    • Creating a Filter Flare Ghost
    • Finishing Touches and Writing out a Sequence
    • Volume 2 Assignment
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