Quick Start to Modeling in Maya: Volume 3

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In Volume 3 of Quick Start to Modeling in Maya, we'll build on the modeling concepts covered in volumes 1 and 2. We'll start by blocking in the main shapes of our stun gun asset, making sure to place edges strategically for later use. We'll use extrusions and edge loops to create hard surface detail and NURBS curves to aid in building specific elements. We'll use a variety of polygon and NURBS-based tools and we'll learn to make sure everything fits together to create a cohesive model. We'll finish the process by cleaning up our scene and putting our geometry into an appropriate hierarchy. These courses are designed to be taken in sequence so we really encourage you to start with previous volumes before continuing with this section. Software required: Maya 2014.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Quick Start to Modeling in Maya: Volume 3
    • Building the Main Barrel
    • Modeling the Cylindrical Base
    • Extruding out the Barrel Extension
    • Adding to the Top of the Barrel
    • Modeling a Channel into the Base
    • Adding a Small Wire Detail
    • Building Cables with Nurbs Curves
    • Extracting Geometry from the Barrel
    • Modeling Integrated Details Onto the Barrel
    • Adding Interior Barrel Pieces
    • Adding Vent Slats to the Base
    • Modeling the Stun Gun Handle
    • Adding the Handle Grip
    • Modeling the Trigger
    • Scene Clean-up and Assignment
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