Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 2

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In this second Volume of the Quick Start to JavaScript tutorial, we'll learn more methods of control flow like switch statements, for loops, and while loops. We'll learn how to create reusable commands with functions, store values in arrays, and how to use a loop with an array. We will also learn how to create JavaScript files from scratch, and how to create a plan and break down code into steps so we can make it easier to write code of our own. We'll finish up this JavaScript training by creating a more complex version of our zombie text adventure game from Volume 1. Software required: Mozilla Firefox, Brackets, Google Chrome.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 2
    • Switch Statements
    • For Loops
    • Revisiting Fizzbuzz
    • While Loops
    • Functions
    • Additional Practice with Functions
    • Arrays
    • Looping Over an Array
    • Creating a JavaScript File from Scratch
    • Plan Then Create
    • Volume 2 Assignment
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