Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 1

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Throughout this series of JavaScript tutorials we'll learn how to write the programming language from scratch, so you can start creating code of your own. Quick Starts are a series of specially constructed tutorials meant to be followed in sequence and include valuable exercises to reinforce learned concepts.This tutorial assumes no prior programming experience and starts exploring the logic of a language and the concepts needed to write code from the ground up. We'll start by exploring what we can create with JavaScript and then learn how to start creating our own code with the basic building blocks of JavaScript using strings, numbers, booleans, common operators, variables, and control flow. We'll finish the JavaScript training by putting together all the concepts with the creation of a simple zombie text adventure game.While building a project together, you'll be provided with valuable knowledge, and the real power comes from being able to take the techniques you've learned and apply them in a different way to your own work. With this in mind, you'll be presented with an assignment immediately following each volume. These assignments will challenge you to take the skills that you've learned in a particular volume and apply them to a different asset.These tutorials are designed to be taken in sequence so we really encourage you to start with this volume and proceed all the way through to Volume 3, all so you can take advantage of the periodic assignments along the way to get the full learning experience. Software required: Mozilla Firefox.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 1
    • What Is Javascript?
    • Hello World: Writing Your First JavaScript
    • Introduction to Operators
    • Understanding the Console
    • String, Number, and Boolean Values
    • Variables
    • Using Variables
    • Introduction to Control Flow: if/else Statements
    • Using else if
    • Control Flow and Comparison Operators
    • Putting It All Together: Zombie Text Adventure Game
    • Volume 1 Assignment: Choose Your Own Adventure
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