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As days pass on demand of technology changes rapidly. Over the past few years, Python has become a Buzz word in the IT industry especially in the area of data science and Artificial Intelligence. And this python programming has occupied in the top 3 lists of language popularity. In today’s world, data is a heart in the IT industry. But only a few people in the IT industry have the capability to process the data. And today many people called this as the hottest job in the IT industry. Overview, This python overview makes people easy to learn python for data science as well as algorithm implementation. 

According to the recent statistics we were 50% lagging in the supply of data scientists w.r.t the demand for a data scientist. And this python is one of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry.  The average salary of the python developer ranges from $80000 to $95000. And managers make as much as $250000 per annum. 

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